Is a Swingers Club Forcing a Company to Move?

Date 3rd Mar 2015 | Views  897

Am English swingers club is at the centre of a storm this week, after it has been alleged that it is forcing another business to move. The No.3 Club in Chorley is situated directly above a company called 'Stovestore', who claim the swingers clubs activities make it untenable for them to stay around.


Matthew Jewell and his wife, Cheryl, say they can't take any more of the 'embarrassing' noises which are coming from upstairs.

"I'm going red, customers are going red and they're leaving the shop."

Problems started for Stovestore when the No.3 Club expanded its opening hours into the working day, as well as its late night and early hours openings.

"It's more frequent now. They're open from 1pm onwards," said Mrs Jewell.

"We were changing all our days for when they were noisiest.

"We know what's going on up there, but we can't do anything about it. Nobody can help."

The couple have complained to the council.

"We've done that a couple of times, but there's no law for sexual activities." said Mrs Jewell.

"It's two years now just wasted. We've spent thousands of pounds here and we're going to have to leave. We have so many customers that return to us here."

Landlord to both establishments, Frank Patterson, also seems slightly unimpressed.

He said: "The No 3 Club came into the unit five years ago, Cheryl and Matthew have been there two years. There were two other tenants before them and it wasn't a problem.

"Now the No 3 Club has extended its hours into the working day.

"I've heard the noises and it's not acceptable. I've spoken to the No 3 Club about it on numerous occasions on behalf of Cheryl and Matthew and they've made no effort to improve the situation. If anything it's got worse.

"I've written to the No 3 Club and, if and when they renew their lease, I've told them there will be a restriction on them operating during the working day."


The swingers club owner, who only wanted to be known as Mary, regrets the situation, and has even changed one of the days the club is open so it did not conflict with when Stovestore is open.

"I've done everything I possibly can. I don't want them to move. I don't think they like my type of business. They knew what it was before they moved in.

"I'm very disappointed and quite upset they're moving. I'll be sorry. I don't want to interfere with anybody else's business."

She claims to have also recommended that soundproofing is put into the walls.

Who is in the Right?

Now this is quite a complicated one. I can understand the swingers club was there first, and that Stovestore came later. However, it mustn't be too much fun for a company to have lovers screaming the place down upstairs.

It is up to both parties to act sensibly here. The swingers club has a responsibility, but one questions how much effort the other company are actually putting in. Why haven't they put the soundproofing in? Without casting judgement, one wonders if they are just trying to get the swingers club closed down, rather than actually working to make the arrangement mutually beneficial.

Well, if that is the case, they certainly won't like the comments coming from Councillor Paul Walmsley, who is responsible for regulatory services at Chorley Council.

"The council has received a complaint about the No.3 Club, but as both parties are commercial premises, we do not have the powers to enforce nuisance proceedings.

"We will, however, continue to ensure they are compliant with their licence agreement as we would do with any other premises."

We really hope that both companies can move forward.