Is My Wife Feeling Guilty?

Date 13th Aug 2015 | Views  885

In the latest of our ask us anything series, we got another question this week from a rather stressed out husband.

It seems that him and his wife had swinging encounter with another pair. Well, it all seemed to be going very well. The four of them got on extremely well and towards the end of the night, he went off with the other fella's wife, whilst his wife went off with the woman's partner.

Well from the noises his wife was making, it seems she was having a VERY good time. In-fact, she was making more noise than she had ever done with him.

Well, when he got home he wanted to talk to her about whether she had enjoyed it. It seems that at this point she clammed up and for the first time in five years of swinging, wouldn't talk about the experience. This led our unhappy guy to think that she may well have enjoyed it too much and was feeling guilty. He wanted to know if he was being paranoid and what he should do? Here is my reply.

Reassurance, My Friend

Well, to be fair my friend, you are probably right. It sounds like she did enjoy herself and is probably feeling like shit. It is how you deal with this now that will dictate the way things are moving forward.

I'm guessing you don't mind her having fun with the other guy. Hey, if we are stressed about our partner's having good sex, then swinging isn't for us. Yet it is perfectly understandable that she will be a bit stressed about it, and doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

The best thing to do is let her know how much fun you had listening to her have an incredible time. This will make her feel better about it. If you start off by asking if she enjoyed it or questioning why she won't talk to you, then it will sound like an interrogation. That will just make her feel worse.

Once she has opened up, tell her you love her. This is by far and away the best course of action. Before you know it, you will be back in the game and meeting new couples.

Just to end this, if you are stressed out about her enjoying it too much with someone else, take a break from swinging whilst you get your head sorted. If it continues to get to you, go and play tenpin bowling or something. The relationship between you two is the most important thing and under no circumstances should that be compromised.

Does anyone else have any questions? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know.