Is Polygamy Acceptable?

Date 15th Jan 2016 | Views  730

There are people in the world who can't settle with one life-partner. I will admit that I do dream of having two guys living with me, cook me lasagna, feed me grapes and sleep with me; these two guys would be Charlie Hunnam and Robert Downey Jr. I know for a fact that the fantasy will never come true for me!

Stop getting it mixed up!

In the world today, polygamy is only legal in Malaysia, Indonesia, along with some countries in the Middle East and Africa. If you're looking to put a ring on two girls at the same time anywhere else, don't be surprised if the police would come knocking on your door, cuff your hands and bring up to the judge's desk!

I do need to give this information to people who are reading this article, polygamy is a state of marriage that involves more than one spouse; it is not a form of swinging or wife swapping. It's important that you don't get the terms 'polygamy' and 'polygyny' mixed up. Whenever someone brings up the word 'polygamy' while I'm enjoying a drink with my friends in a bar, an idiot would shout out:

"Oh! It's when a dude marries two gals at the same time, innit?"

That guy should have read more books back in his childhood!

Polygamy, like I said, is a state of marriage that involves more than one partner. Polygyny is when a man marries more than one woman at the same time. Polyandry is when a woman marries more than one man at the same time. And a group marriage is, well, it's kinda self-explanatory. If there isn't not a state of marriage involved, then a relationship would be classed as polyamory, also known as swinging.

With all of the clarification done and dusted, I can now discuss the debates that you may have heard of about polygamy.

It's ok to be with more than one person

With the generation that we live in, the latest ideologies that are blasted on the newspapers and television put an effect on both mainstream and niche lifestyles that some people follow today. I'm not going to sugar coat it; there is a certain group of people who seem to think that our current culture is misogynistic. I'm looking at you, modern-day feminists!

Not everyone believes in the saying of 'one man for one woman' or that they all have a soul mate. I don't know how many 'American Horror Story' fans are reading this article right now, but this topic just makes me think back to a couple of episodes from the 'Asylum' anthology series.

The episodes where Kit marries Grace and he brings her back to his home, only to see Alma, Kit's initial wife, had come back from the dead; as you would expect from any 'American Horror Story' episode! But in the series, Kit refused to choose one woman over the over because he loved them both too much.

The benefit of living in the modern culture that we are in now is that we've come to realise that we are all sexually-liberated human beings. If not, then we wouldn't be able to enjoy all of the erotic fantasies that we love doing, like swinging! Even though it's not well heard of, but you do get people who just couldn't help but love more than one person at a time.

Everyone has been through it, even I have. Unfortunately all of the lovers who got acquainted wanted me to pick one or the other. If ever there was a perfect world where I can go into polygamy, then I would consider living in it. However, we already live in a world where we already express our love to many people. As long as you're not hurting anybody physically, emotionally or psychologically, then you shouldn't get frowned up for having a marriage with more than one person; that's my opinion.

There are some people who take it too far...

The countries that still permit polygamy have more polygynous marriages than polyandrous ones. Maybe it's just because you don't hear a lot of cases of polyandry or that they don't occur often, but that kind of marriage has been under scrutiny for making men cuckolded.

But then again, the same can be said for polygyny, as a lot of people see it as a form of misogyny. Some people think that form of marriage makes women inferior to men and they can only be seen as the man's possession, not the as partner. There are some people who do consider a polygamous lifestyle to be extreme, but what exactly makes a polygamous lifestyle extreme?

In this generation, our ideologies are not firmly bound by the rules of the Bible, the Quran or whatever. However, whatever we were taught when we were younger will still be placed in the back of our heads. Some religious beliefs that are against polygamy would be embedded into their way of thinking. It could be a reason why people who have a relationship with more than one person at the time are considered to be sluts and fuck-boys.

But the funny thing is that before the 19th Century, the Mormons used to practice polygamy before converting to monogamy.

There have been many cases where the people in a polygamous relationship, mostly women, have expressed their despair and anguish that they've felt in that lifestyle. Many of them have even left their religious communities because the men that were present in their lives were too intense for the ladies to handle.

That doesn't mean that polyandry isn't as bad as polygyny. Some people have linked polyandry with cuckoldry; the fetish of husband letting his wife fuck other men of her choice. It's a fetish that not a lot of men express freely as there are some men who believe that it's wrong to put women on a pedestal.

Where polygyny can be linked with misogyny, polyandry can also be linked with misandry; it's a two-way street!

It's not up to me, the writer, to say whether polygamy is an acceptable or extreme lifestyle to follow because the pros and cons of that lifestyle balance out each other. However, that shouldn't stop you from doing something that you want to do. If you have a lot of love to give and two or more people share it back to you, then go ahead! As long as there is always consent, then it doesn't actually hurt anybody to try it out!