Is Swinging And Religion Compatible?

Date 29th Sep 2014 | Views  1009

Religion is not something you would usually associate with swinging. That isn't because religious people don't engage in swinging; it is merely because many people who worship don't usually make a big thing about their swinging lifestyle as they may get judged.

However, a hugely religious couple who met at a bodybuilding competition in Florida have set up a swinging website called 'Fitness swingers'.

A Threesome and an Idea!

Christy Parave and her husband Dean reportedly thought up the idea seven years ago whilst having a threesome with a female friend and they haven't looked back since.

The horny pair say the pillars of their relationship are a commitment to their faith, to fitness, and to the ideals of the swinger lifestyle.

Dean Parave doesn't think that there is any problem with being religious and being a swinger as well.

"So far today, God hasn't told me, 'Dean stop that, it's a sin. I don't want you to do that.' Until he does that, I'm going to keep trying to help as many people as I can".

It seems that his wife took a little bit more convincing, but is now comfortable in the lifestyle.

"God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other. I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason."

A Refreshing Attitude

I have to say, I find their attitude refreshing. I have to say, I am not massively religious myself, although I do have faith. Still, I think the church gets into dogmatic issues on morality, when, in my opinion, God is going to be more interested in how you respect your fellow man, and the love you spread throughout your own little part of the world.

Swinging is, for those who engage in it, an amazing way of meeting and enjoying the company of new people, whilst remaining faithful to your partner in a loving, honest relationship.

I also have to give a big thumbs up to Christy and Dean Parave. They have shown they have the balls to show the world what their lifestyle is, and to help swingers in the Florida area. It would be very easy to have kept their mouths shit as I am sure there will be a number of their fellow worshippers who may not exactly share their beliefs.

God just wants us to be good to each other. I doubt he is going to be putting a black mark against your name because you swing!