How Not To Get Your Swingers Details Leaked Online

Date 25th Nov 2016 | Views  400

Most of us will have read about AdultFriendFinder getting hacked. The details of 412 million accounts have been leaked, which means that there is a lot of stress in the post for the the people who may have their cheating made public to friends and family.

Now we all know that swinging isn't cheating. It is the willing swapping of partners, and is a great deal of fun. However, it would be a lie to say that our lifestyle isn't rather misunderstood by certain people. As that is the case, I know that I at least wouldn't want my name and other details plastered over the internet for my mum or my boss to find.

This is why I am going to give you some good advice about setting up an account here. Please read carefully, it is important.

1) Use a Fake Email

Don't go using your home or work email address. This email address shouldn't mention your real name. Just create a new email, one that has no traceability for you. Then, if it becomes public knowledge, who cares?

2) No Details Revealed

When creating a profile, don't use a real name, or anything that could narrow down the search for you. Now when it comes to speaking to other swingers, you have to be open and honest. However, that is done orally, and they have no wish to make a show of you on the internet. The internet is different, and more hazardous.

Now that all seems pretty simple, granted. However, they are the keys to never getting exposed online.

You will be relieved to hear that our internet security is fantastic. We have a full I.T team who are paid to keep your details safe. However, things do happen, so it is an idea for you to follow those two simple rules. The safer you can make yourself, the better.

Finally, happy swinging folks! I will be going back to the sexy stuff next week!