Man Busted for Running Swingers Club from House

Date 5th Jun 2015 | Views  872

A man in Texas is finding himself in a lot of trouble after it was revealed he was using his luxury home as a swingers club.

Apparently this has upset the Homeowners Association so much that they have gone and filed a lawsuit against him. Talk about taking the gloves off.

Luxury Accommodation

They claim that Randy Carter is charging couples $75 dollars to enter his residence, and that he advertises a maximum occupancy of 600 people.

Now, to be fair, it seems like one hell of a swingers club. There is a 3,500 square foot disco and a 4,500 square foot patio. I know full well I have been to a number of swinger clubs in Ireland and they are pretty grotty. Obviously they are outnumbered by the quality establishments I frequent on a regular basis, but this place in Texas seems like swinger heaven.

Well, although the staff here at like the place, it appears that other residents aren't half as keen. They claim that the parties gone on to the ungodly hours of the early morning and on top of that, they say it is tying up traffic around the luxurious gate community.

Well, the first thing I did was check up on the legality of the club. We have all seen in Ireland and the UK that residents whine and bitch about the local swingers club, claiming it to be a den of deviants and sicko's. However, we usually find that, as a business, there isn't really anything that they can do, and consequently, the club remains open. Unfortunately for Mr Carter, it looks like he is screwed, and not in a good way.

A Residential Zone

It seems that to run a business like this in Texas, you have to be in a business zone. This presumably stops someone setting up something like a garage outside outside your new, expensive house. As Randy Carter doesn't live in a business zone, he can't run a swingers club there, even if it seems like a top quality location.

At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, part of me does thing that he should probably have worked that one out for himself. He should also have guessed that living in Texas, which really isn't famed for its liberal values and tolerance, that his neighbours were likely going to see their ass!

Well, it seems that Randy (what a name for the owner of a swingers club, you really couldn't make that up) is going to have to find a new way of making his cash.

I will say though, the world's swinging community is definitely the worse for it.