My Dogging Adventures - Erotic Stories

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I remember an old discussion I had in sixth form, where Grace and Beth were talking about guys and...other stuff…

The talk was about what popping their cherries felt like, and I couldn't talk about my experiences because I was still a virgin at the time. Beth, with her frizzy blonde hair, looked at me and said:

"Nina, if you don't lose your virginity by the time you're 21, then everyone will see you as a loser and a celibate."

4 years have passed since that conversation.

I am 21 years-old and I'm still a virgin.

A girl with a high libido

I've become a hermit in my student house where I'm studying Social Science. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm not sure if it's worth looking for one now. My head is covered in wavy, brown hair, I don't wear any make-up and my clothes are so baggy, it actually repels the opposite sex.

I've recently found out that getting involved in any sexual activity keeps my skin youthful and hydrated. It must be a reason why I don't wear make-up dueto the fact that I masturbate every night. The thought about touching myself makes my clit tingle. I slowly pull my hand away from the keyboard and slide it down my pants, where I press my fingers against my pussy. I use my other hand to type in my favourite porn search, but then I hear a couple of knocks on my door so I quickly click out of my browser.
"Can I come in?"

A sweet, muffled voice spoke out.


My bedroom door opens and I see Riley standing in the doorway. She's the girl I will always envy for due to the fact that she gets regular sex every day. There's no denying that she's a beautiful woman too. She has silky blonde hair, her eyes are emerald green and she has the body that even Aphrodite would die for. I watch her as she places her perfect ass on my bed, not realising that I was about to blare out some hardcore porn through my laptop.

"What's up?"

"I just wanted someone to chat to. You're not busy with work, are you?"

"No, actually I was about to watch some...crazy cat videos on youtube."

I lie through my teeth.

"Have you heard from Charlie recently?"

"Yes, he told me that he was going to come back with a girl, or something..."

"Oh yeah, Summer. She's the girl that does Creative Art and Design at the other campus. Charlie's wanted to get into her pants for ages."

Charlie is another roommate of mine that has a higher sex drive than me. I caught him one time touching his junk in the communal bathroom when I desperately needed to pee. I managed to get a small glimpse of his dick and it was massive; pretty thick too. I wouldn't mind leaning my head over the bed and let him slide his shaft down my throat.

"Are they finally going out?"

"I'm not sure. I know that they're definitely dating but I wouldn't say that they're in an official voice."

I jeer at her as I roll my eyes.

"He's a fresher. Of course, he wouldn't go in a relationship with someone straight away. What 20-year-old guy does that nowadays?"

"You sound bitter."

"Really? You don't say."

I am a pessimistic person. Maybe someone could change my way of thinking by fucking me against the wall. My God, I really need to get laid.

"He's coming back tonight; didn't say what time, though."

"I'm presuming late."

An awkward silence fills my room up.


Riley tries to start another conversation. She doesn't like to hear the sound of nothing.

"...have you lost it yet?"

"Lost what?"

"Your virginity?"

"No, Riley..."

She tuts at me and I look away.

"You're 21 years old now, people will think you're weird."

"Gee, like I haven't thought that through already!"

"Is there something you're not telling me? Like, you're a celibate or something?"

I think back to the discussion I've had in sixth form college.

"No! I'm not a celibate!"

She gives me that look where she tries to figure out if I'm telling the truth or not.

"Can I get back to work, please?"

"Ok, if you want to avoid the question that badly..."

She gives me a dirty look before lifting herself off my bed and exiting my room. As she shuts the door behind her, I resume to going back on my browser and type in porn search. My pants are a little wet.

Watching my roommate getting laid

I keep staring at the clock on the counter next to me as I watch the hand strikes at 1 AM. I'm wearing my blue, skimpy pyjamas but there was no one around to admire the way I look in them. I really need to have someone in my bed right now.

My ears twitch when I hear the sound of the main door opening and slamming shut. Whispers and slurred words echo from the hallway.

From then, I know who has entered and who he has entered with.

"Shh! Shh! You'll wake them up."

They enter the room that my asshole of a roommate sleeps in, as they sloppily took off their shoes and toss themselves onto his bed. 20 minutes goes by and I am as awake as an owl. I lift myself off my bed and strolled towards the bathroom, where I slide down my little shorts and sigh in satisfaction. After walking out from the toilet, I start to hear weird noises in the hallway. Slowly, I tiptoe down the corridor up to where Charlie's bedroom is. His door is open, foolish man. I stand right outside of the entrance, but then I stop myself in my tracks when a number of thoughts begin to run through my head.

'What are you doing, Nina? Are you seriously going to see what Charlie and Summer are doing? You're a pervert. But, you've never had sex before. Why not see how it is actually done? You know porn isn't that realistic anyway…'

As I place my back against the wall, I turn my head so I could see through the crack of the door. From there, I watch Charlie's cock sliding in and out of Summer's wet cunt. I'm hypnotised by the motion of his hips thrusting back and forth, as Summer flings her hair back in ecstasy. The view is turning me on so much, I press my thighs close together; trying to control the sensation that is tingling in between my legs.

As carefully as I could, I trail my hand down my underwear and proceed to touch myself once more. I love how I get wet by hearing the sound of two people pleasuring each other. I just wish I have someone who could pleasure me. I didn't realise how close I am to cumming until I had to hold my hand against my mouth. I return to my room quietly to wipe away the cum that has stained my pussy.

It was the first time I masturbated to a live show, and now I want to watch more people fucking in real life. Recently, the history on my browser is filled with words like 'dogging' and 'popular places'.

Every time Charlie walks by, I can't help but go silent. When I see him, sweat trickles down my back and I get weak at the knees. He doesn't usually talk to me, but within the past couple of days, he's been greeting me with smiles and winks.

'What does that mean?' I wonder.

Touching myself in a public place

It's Thursday night and everyone wants to go out. It's a student night, so how could I say no?

Normally, I never like to dress up, but I decide to make an effort and put on the most revealing outfit I could find in my wardrobe.

'Ok, a tight black top with a tartan skirt aren't the sexiest things to wear in the world, but maybe some over-the-knee socks would make my legs look attractive, right?'

I exhale before I grab my bag and initiate my night of intoxication. Me, Charlie and Riley enter a crowded nightclub where everyone is dressed in the tightest clothing that is known to man. Riley grabs my wrist and drags me to the bar where a handsome bartender is waiting to hear our orders.

"What do you want, Nina?!"

The music is so loud, I couldn't hear Riley's loud, obnoxious voice.

"I need to check my make-up! Get me a gin and tonic!"

She releases me as I walk pass a number of drunk dancers to reach the toilet. I slip through the door and head straight for the mirror to check if my fake eyelashes are still intact. Before I pull the handle to go back into the nightclub, a familiar moaning sound rings in my ears. I turn my head once more and see one cubicle with the door half shut.

'It's 10.30 PM, who would be drunk enough to fuck in a public place, already?!'

I think to myself again.

Like I did the night before, I creep towards the cubicle where the commotion is taking place, and press my back against the wall. I manage to get a peek of what is going on and I watch a girl dressed in black lifting her ass up and down on a guy's cock. Her pants are in his mouth and his hands are placed on her tits.

'What kind of kinky shit do people get into now?'

Before I know it, my hands are down my underwear...again. Whenever I see two people getting fingered or sucked on, I can't control the urge to rub my clit. My legs are spread apart and my knees go weak once more, as I observe the motion of their hips grind against each other. Just like before, I can't control my orgasm and I hold my mouth shut with my free hand. However, a moan escapes my lips and the two people turn their heads to look at me. Luckily, I manage to leave the toilets before they caught me watching them fuck. Ephemeral as it was, I enjoyed viewing every moment of it. I catch up with my two housemates as I grab my drink from the counter.

Riley looks at me weirdly.

"Where have you been?!"

"In the toilet, like I've said!"

"But you've been gone for so long! Why are you sweaty?!"

I wipe my forehead and stare at the droplets on my hand.

"Did you pop it yet?!"



I ignore her remark and sip on my gin and tonic. I notice that Charlie is staring at me intently, but I refuse to take notice and begin to sway my hips to the music.

>h2>Watching two people getting down and dirty!

I lay my head at the back of my chair; staring at the ceiling as I think about all of the dogging I have been doing recently. I'm not sure if I'm starting to develop a good or a bad fetish.

My recent search has been about other people's stories about their experiences; how they felt when they've watched two people pleasuring each other without being noticed, and how they got off on watching them fuck.

A couple of hours later, I left the house to grab some food from the city centre. Whenever I stop masturbating, chocolate makes me feel better. I walk down a quiet alley where I stare at the graffiti that has been sprayed along the walls. But my attention is drawn away from the artwork when I see two people at the end of the street. I seem to attract myself to dogging scenarios wherever I go. Like the horny girl I am, I tiptoe towards to couple and hid behind a large bin.

'Classy woman you are, Nina.' I think to myself.

To my surprise, I see Charlie holding onto Summer's hips as he thrusts himself inside her over and over again.

This is the 2nd time I see my housemate releasing his carnal urges on a girl who enjoys bending over and having her face pressed against the wall. My pants have never been any wetter, and as I slide my hands down them, they are already drenched. I watch the two people satisfy each other as they push their bodies close together and lick the sweat off their necks. The moment Charlie grabs Summer's dark hair and pulls it back, the sensation in my clit becomes too much to handle.

My bag of chocolates slips from my free hand and makes a large thud on the floor. I stand still in silence and feel the blood flow away from my cheeks.

'Shit! What am I going to do?! How would I explain myself to Charlie? What if he tells Riley and then I'm going to be branded as a weirdo for the rest of my life?!'

I hear footsteps coming over to where I am standing. Terrified isn't the word to describe what I'm feeling right now. I try to prepare myself for whatever may happen, but all of my thoughts left my head when Charlie walks over and stands right in front of me. He stares at me for a couple of moments before he speaks.

"Do you want to join in?"