My First Swingers Party - Part Two

Date 17th Oct 2014 | Views  1558

My wife and I were being led to a room upstairs, she flashed me a look on the way up, a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I wondered whether I would be able to deal with the fact a man was going to have sex with my wife, but it all dispersed as I realised we were doing this together and we were living right now in the swinging fantasy we had been concocting for so long.

The coupled were about our age, they were a good looking couple as well, and as we arrived in the room, we all turned to look at each other properly. Butterflies buzzed in my stomach as the man took my wife´s hand and led her out the room. I was left alone with his wife and suddenly the thought of another man touching my wife and undressing her turned me on and made me feel liberated. I was going to be able to have this woman as well but we were going to leave here together and end up in bed together later that night. That is the beauty of swinging. My groin ached and I was overcome by longing.

It Heats Up

The woman was a petite blonde woman, with an elegant look about her, not somebody you would expect to ´swing´ but perhaps I wasnt either. She had gorgeous skin and she began to seduce me, undressing and showing me her lingerie which was elegant and sexy.

We began to kiss, I couldn't believe I was kissing another woman other than my wife, and crazily enough - I was allowed to. We kissed deeper and she jumped right into it, taking the lead and touching me through my trousers, rubbing me over and over in a delicious rampant pace. She then took off my trousers and began to go down on me. I imagined my wife doing it to the guy and enjoyed the sensation more in that instance, pushing the woman's head closer and grinding that more into her.

I lay her on the bed and began to give her oral sex, she moaned and I licked her clitoris softly, kissing her, tasting her making her more and more wet. It was getting wild. I reached for the condom out of my pocket and after applying I pushed myself deep into her, she moaned instantly, grabbing me and dragging me close to kiss her. We moved with intense passion, sweat collecting on our bodies. We kissed, moaned in unison and tasted each other. I pulled her legs up, taking myself deeper into her and she moaned against my hard slams. I thought of how the man next door was pleasuring my wife and it spurred me on more.

Doggy Style

I moved the woman to face the bed and slipped into her again pushing myself deep and solidly into her wetness, for this moment, I had no rules, no regulations and no expectations placed on me by my wife I could enjoy every liberated second and so could she. I decided to make the moment last pushing myself in thrusts that drove both of us crazy. As I thrust against her, while she lay on the bed I could see herself touching herself and in that moment I could feel her climax, she groaned and gripped the bed and I got closer to coming myself.

Slamming into her, I melted my lips into her neck and suddenly exploded, reaching the intense climax, in that uninhibited moment I felt like I had fulfilled the fantasy I had come here to do. We lay breathlessly together for a while, then she turned and kissed me and we smiled at each other. Her, being the more experienced one began to wash up and get dressed and me, the novice, taking a few moments to contemplate what had just happened.

I wondered where my wife was and couldn't wait to share with her what had happened the night, knowing it would spice up our sex life to the next level.

I feel I have a lot to thank my swinging experience for. I just can't wait for my next one!