My First Swingers Party!

Date 10th Oct 2014 | Views  2042

I only joined last month after being tempted to start swinging for a number of years. Well, I have just been to my first swingers party and all I can say is why did I wait?

It probably helped that my new wife realised I fancied it, and openly encouraged it on a night out we were having. The only proviso she put in is that she got to have a go as well.

Well, after thinking about the concept of my wife getting it off another guy for a while, I realised it would take a special kind of hypocrite to want to go to a swingers evening where they get the fun, but refuse to let their partner go.

Good Advice

Now the first thing I did was to have a read the numerous guidance articles that the blog write for new swingers like me. To be fair, I found them really informative. To be fair, if it wasn't for them, I would likely have screwed the whole thing up.

Well, after arranging a meet up with one of the regulars on this website, we decided to go to a meeting with three other couples at the forum members house. The house was 100 miles away as I had no wish to walk into a load of work colleagues or friends. To be fair, my wife used a fake name. I don't know if that is normal, but my wife felt more comfortable with no-one having any idea who she was.

We got ourselves dressed up and I had a quick shot of whiskey to calm my nerves. I certainly wasn't going to get myself so drunk I couldn't get it up, or more importantly, I would make anyone else uneasy.

I brought some condoms and gave a few to my wife as well. Upon getting there however, I was informed that the host was providing the condoms. Still, him and his wife were extremely happy I had made the effort to come prepared.

No lets get onto the people who were there. There was a two couples in their 20's and a couple in their 40's. As me and my wife are in our 30's it seems that this swinging party was spanning the decades.


The host had been good enough to lay on some food. It was nothing fancy; just supermarket party food. He pointed out that offering people lots of food may send them to bed for sleep, not sex! Still, I had eaten earlier so had to refuse. My wife however can eat for Ireland and never put on weight so was happy scoffing on the nibbles.

As had been said on these very pages, it didn't just turn into some massive orgy. We all chatted about what we did for a living, without giving anything specific away. I'm a teacher but no-one knows where. One of the other fella's was a doctor but I have no idea if he was a GP or worked in a hospital.

There obviously came a point when we started to speak to other couples more than others. However, at no point did it become weird. If I had gone right in and said 'Let's do it baby' my night would have sucked.

Time For Bed

Now, as me and my wife were new to the scene and had made that clear at the start of the night, I still wasn't too sure about when to ask if everyone fancied going to a room. Thankfully, the couple who we were speaking to took the lead and asked if we wanted to go and get some private time.

Do you want to know what happened then? Tune in next week to find out.