My First Swinging Experience

Date 10th Jun 2016 | Views  672

Hello there, sexy swingers. Yes, that's right. I'm talking to you directly!

I'm sure that you've read most of the articles on here that are about swinging, dogging, what to do, what not to do, and so on. Although these types of blogs can be very useful for you to take notes from, it's nice to hear about one's experiences with the hobby. After all, a budding swinger learns more about the wife-swapping world when he reads another swapper's experiences; that's how I first entered the wife-swapping world.

Reading other swinger's stories about their meetings, feelings, and experiences were what intrigued me to try out the lifestyle myself. You got to love the internet when it comes to learning about sex trends and fetishes.

Partner-swapping for the first time

I was 18 when I first heard about swinging, but I didn't talk about it much with my friends. Yes, we were all aware of what swinging is, but it was an 'appropriate' topic to discuss at the coffee table.

Now that I'm thinking about it, my friends mustn't have seen 'Sex and the City' before, where all the characters blissfully talk about their sex triumphs and woes. However, it wasn't until my second year of college when my life as a swinger began...

I remember going back to a friend's house at 4 AM after a heavy night of drinking at a tacky club in my hometown. The host was so wasted, he crawled up the stairs to get to his bedroom. Seriously.

The others and I sobered up enough to still have a conversation with each other, but when one of the guys decided to turn the all of the lights off in the living room, the mood started to change. In a sexy way, not a sinister way.

From the corner of my right eye, three of my friends started to make out with each other.

I started to hear kisses, moans, and whispers from the corner of the living room, where the moonlight from the window was the only thing that was illuminating their bodies. And like the voyeur that I was and currently am, I couldn't help but watch them slowly undress each other.

Suddenly, I felt a hand gently caress one of my ass cheeks, and I knew exactly who it was that touched me. He was a friend of my ex that always had a crush on me; he was tall, a little bulky, but had beautiful black hair and an amazing beard. I'm a sucker for bearded men.

He took my hand and gently pulled me to a sofa, where he let me sit on his lap and grind against his crotch slowly. I looked back at my three friends that were already licking and sucking on each other. Two of my girlfriend's breasts were glowing in the moonlight while the other guy's cock was hidden underneath the hands of the two girls.

After a few minutes of French kissing each other, my mutual friends and I decided to go all the way and made a mess of that sofa. The main thing that I remember from that night was him thrusting his cock into me while I was bouncing up and down on him. I came extremely quickly when my handsome friend covered my mouth to muffle my moans, not that I thought there was a point for him to do that as the host was passed out on his bed.

After climaxing in ecstasy, my urge to fuck increased again. One of my girlfriends saw that I needed someone to pleasure me again, so she walked over to me, pulled me away from my other friend and let me sit on the lap of the other guy…I know this all sounds confusing as I've had a lot of friends involved in this swapping session, but just think of it as one swinging hot mess!

The last thing I remember was seeing the guy who had a crush on me getting his cock sucked by one of my girlfriends, and my other girlfriend riding the other guy's face while I was moving my hips back and forth. Yeah, a lot of orgasms happened that night…

What happened to me after

After that night, I've engaged in other swinging sessions with other friends. However, they weren't as good as my first time, due to the fact that most of the people ended up to be 'time wasters'; people who liked the idea of being involved in a swinging session but didn't go all the way in the end. Then again, they were guys that just wanted to cross something off their bucket lists; they didn't have a big fetish to voyeurism, exhibitionism or swinging.

Of course, you get nervous when you're about to have sex with other couples and people for the first time, I didn't feel nervous at my first swinging session because I've had some alcohol in my system (by the way, alcohol does help you loosen up a bit, but it doesn't mean that you can drink before every session). Anyway, I just wanted to share my experiences with you good-looking swingers to make you see how it compares with your own wife-swapping adventures or just to give you some insight in the swinging fetish.

Like I've said before, I've haven't had other fantastic swinging experiences after that night, but if a group of handsome and beautiful people want to invite me to a partner-swapping party in the future, I'll let you guys know how it went!