My Girlfriend Wants to Full Swing

Date 29th Oct 2015 | Views  783

I go another message this week from one of our forum members. When I started this series I never expected to get such a good response. I always make sure I get an answer back to anyone who messages me, even if I don't put the story on the front page.

Well sorry about digressing, back to the question! This one is from a male swinger who is 27, and who has a girlfriend who is 25. They met each other at work, got on, and found out that they both swing (I have to say, I do wonder how that conversation came up) Well, they got together and now they want to go swinging together.

Reading between the lines, it seems that they didn't discuss thoroughly enough what kind of swinging they are into. He likes soft swapping and whist she likes to full swap. Now this is obviously causing a few problems between the pair. She wants to continue full swapping, whilst he wants to continue soft swapping. He asked me what he should do? Here was my reply.

To Swing or Not to Swing

This may sound like a tricky question, but the answer is quite simple. You have to do what keeps YOU happy.

Now if you feel like letting her do what you want to do she wants whilst you do what you want then that is fine. The practicality of that may be difficult as finding a couple in your situation may not be easy, but you can always post on our swingers forum and see what feedback you get. There will be other people like you and you may strike it lucky.

However, what you mustn't do is let your girlfriend do what she wants to do, whilst you sit there brewing and resenting her. That would be unfair to you both and would cause untold problems in your relationship. The same goes for you deciding to full swap because she like the idea. That won't be a fulfilling experience for you.

The best thing to do is talk to her and see where this ends up. I have no idea if she is so militant that that will cause problems going forward, but it is best you both know where you stand. You may well both be able to find a way going forward.

I wish you luck. Your situation is very different to most couples who discover swinging together, and who can go at the same pace. I would really like to know how it turns out for you.