Naked Swingers Flee Into Street as Thugs Attack!

Date 30th Mar 2015 | Views  1010

Police on Birmingham are searching for a masked gang, after they raided a swingers club, attacked a man and a woman, and sent naked revellers running into the street.

Three criminals targeted the Tudor Lounge swingers club, which is based at the 400 year old Stratford House in Highgate during mid-March.

Major Concern

It appears that one guy, aged 53, was punched to the ground, whilst a woman was pushed during the incident. The gang fled empty handed, but the situation has caused major concern in the local area.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: 'Police are investigating after masked raiders gained entry to a private function at the Tudor Lounge Club in Stratford Place, Highgate, at 9.35pm on March 18.

"Three men wearing ski masks were seen in the corridor.

"One man, aged 53, was punched in the head, resulting in him falling to the floor.
'He was treated for a cut to his nose and bump to his head. Another woman was pushed, but not injured.

"No weapons were seen. The men then left the building. Nothing was reported stolen.

"Police inquiries are on-going into the incident. No arrests have been made at this stage.'

Hidden Agenda

Though this is a truly awful incident, the saga has been used as a good excuse for local residents to attack the swingers club.

"Masked men ran into the club and we then saw lots of customers, half-naked or wrapped in towels, pouring out into the street.

'Residents feel the club is potentially attracting a criminal element to the area.
'It's not what people had in mind when they settled here.

"We feel the planning application for a private members' club was a very clever one in that those who even knew about it did not realise it would be a swingers' club.

"It seems to be busy most nights and Saturday night particularly so.

"Residents are now having problems parking their own cars, there have been some incidents of parking rows with visitors to the club.

"There's been some lewd behaviour in the area around the club, people coming out kissing and all over one another.

"There's been a lot of occasions where cars of men are cruising around.

"A lot of young girls live close by and parents are worried their children could be propositioned.

"There's also concern about property values going down."

Earlier this month a city council spokesman said: 'Officers visited the Tudor Lounge on January 29, 2015 to establish whether any licensable activities took place at this venue.

"They found its bar operates on a 'bring your own drinks' basis - the drinks featured in photos of the bar area were actually coloured water and cooking oil.

"Also the club appears to be set up for participation, rather than the presentation of any performance for an audience which might require an entertainment license.

"At present there is no justification for revisiting the premises, but if officers receive new intelligence regarding activities at this venue this position may be reviewed."

Ignorance or Lying?

I have to say, it is pretty shocking for local residents to use an attack where someone got hurt to push their own agenda. I find the idea that children will be propositioned to be particularly laughable. What the hell do they think goes on in places like this?

Swinging, as we know, is done by consenting adults, and there is no way in hell that they are a danger to the public . I sometimes wonder whether this is just ignorance, or deliberate false representation?

We would all like to send our regards to the people who were hurt, and all those traumatised by the incident (I don't mean those who has to see naked swingers running out of the club in various states of panic!)

There really are some scumbags in the world.