Noise Complaints from Swingers Festival

Date 16th Jul 2015 | Views  829

Last week brought you the news that the UK had hosted Swingfields, which was a rather exciting swingers festival in Flaxley, Forest of Dean. It saw 500 swingers turn up and enjoy a three day event, which by all accounts was every bit as good as advertised. However, it does seem there were quite a few complaints from locals, and not for the prudish reasons you would usually expect

When people complain about swinging, it is usually a case of them thinking what swingers do is disgusting. No harm is ever caused to residents, yet they seem to have an opinion on what is allowed to go on behind closed doors. We have always campaigned against that, and when councils, rightfully allow singers clubs to stay open, we rejoice. However, it wasn't the expression of free love that the residents of Flaxley were upset about.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution appears to have been the main cause of upset in the area. The noise level was apparently ridiculous, and when a local villager asked for it to be turned down, he was apparently ignored.

The villager said: "Suddenly on Thursday afternoon it started and ran until the early hours of Sunday. It was very, very loud.
"We asked them to turn it down and they refused. People all around the valley heard it and complained"

He then contacted environmental health officers, who recorded the volume as 55 dB (loud) When they asked for the noise to be turned down, it seems that they were ignored also.

On top of all this, it is alleged the security guards were intimidating when complaints were made.

There were also complaints that the residents hadn't been informed that this was taking place. Despite protestations from the organisers that that there had been a mail drop, no resident apparently knew it was happening. The fact that the location of the event was only announced 48 hours before it began does make you think that this idea of notification of locals may not be true.

Bad Move

Now I have to say, as I wasn't there, I have no idea if the residents were complaining for the sake of complaining. However, if these gripes are genuine, then this bunch haven't done the swinging community any favours.

We want to be left alone to enjoy our fun with like-minded individuals, but we have no right to start annoying the local area. It makes us look arrogant, and then next time someone wants to hold a festival, the council will look at the evidence from here and be very wary about allowing it.

We have enough problems with moaning locals trying to get clubs shut down. We need swingers turning up unannounced and acting like petty teenagers like we need a hole in the head.