Outcest yesterday, Swinging today!

Date 29th Jul 2013 | Views  2412

For almost all of the two hundred thousand (maybe as many as half a million) years of human existence, and for millions of years of the hominids before us, our ancestors practiced "outcest". They wandered the African Savannah (moving out into the rest of the world about sixty thousand years ago) in little extended family groups of twenty to twenty-five, gathering and hunting. Had they kept their sexual relationships exclusively within those groups they would have become inbred and died out.

Outcest became their evolved sexual instinct over all of this time. Group A would meet up with group B one month, have a truce, a joint hunt, a feast, and the nubile women in both groups would fuck the brains out of the alpha males, but always the alpha males from the other group. Next month group A would meet up with group C, the next with group D, and once a year there would be a much larger gathering in each district of perhaps two hundred or two hundred and fifty.

Human sexual physiology is designed for multiple partner sexual relationships. The whole human sexual gambit of "down-flow", "orgasm", "up-suck", "masturbation" and "fighting sperm" is designed to ensure that women are more likely to be impregnated during a "fling" with a lover than during companionship and comfort sex with the men they routinely sleep beside, even when they are double mated! This is what outcest is about.

Further reading on the subject should be directed to Simon Andre's book The Secrets of Love and Lust to summarise:

1. Vaginal fluid is slightly acidic, and slightly spermicidal. The vagina is not a safe place for sperm to hang around.

2. Perfunctory sexual intercourse results in the expulsion of semen down-flow

3. During orgasm the vagina engorges and palpates pushing the semen on towards the cervix, and the cervix opens and dips down to collect it and move it further up into the safety of the reproductive tract up-suck

4. Orgasmic sex followed by masturbation (in memory of and celebrating the pleasurable act) produces more vaginal fluid and proceeds to suck it up into the cervix, effectively pulling up the drawbridge against a second or third partner's sperm.

5. It is now generally accepted that the male (in all mammals) have two different sorts of sperm. The fast swimmers which go for their target and seek to fertilise the ovum, and the rest which hang around to entrap, entangle and ensnare the other partner's sperm. Impregnation always favours the "mad fling", the orgasmic sex, and whichever partner succeeds in getting the most sperm up into the reproductive tract.

Humans have thrived because of outcest, because they have not become inbred by restricting themselves to a small number of sexual partners in their own family group. Outcest has become our evolved sexual instinct. We have to stop thinking about successful men passing on their genes by impregnating as many women as possible, we've always known that. We must think of successful women passing on theirs by effectively choosing the alpha males they become impregnated by.

Our distant ancestors had no knowledge of paternity. Men were seen as peripheral to reproduction. The original diad was mother and child, not man and woman. It wasn't until our ancestors embraced rudimentary farming and started to pen the first domesticated animals that someone finally figured it out. (It is generally accepted that Australian Aborigines had no knowledge of paternity until about two hundred and fifty years ago, Today they still talk about babies haunting streams and pools, and magically entering into the bodies of women when the wish to be born, as the women step over or wade through the water.) Outcest is an evolved sexual instinct, not because people talked about it or thought about it, but because it worked and the groups that failed to practice it died out.

From the beginning the women and prepubescent children produced the bulk of the group's food supply through foraging and small game. The men stuck around contributing protection, trade and the limited product of the hunt, in return for companionship, comfort, the occasional orgy, and to ensure they were fed when the hunt failed. When our ancestors took on farming and stock keeping, settling down in homesteads rather than camp-sites, they then truly embraced a fertility cult, where sex was the ultimate sacrament. Not just for human reproduction but to "demonstrate to the gods" how they (the gods) should make the earth and the livestock fertile.

Shortly thereafter, only in the last few thousand years, we suffered a terrible "Fall from Grace"

With the knowledge of paternity, the elite males who made themselves the leaders of the community developed a notion of private property. Be it land rights, grassing rights, water rights, or just personal possessions greater than those that they carried around with them. These elite males found the need for inheritance and to know for certain who their sons were! For the first time in history they developed a fetish around virginity and constancy, locking their "wives" up at home so that they would not meet other men, and having the right to murder or mutilate them out of hand for adultery. Action which extended to buying and selling virgin daughters who could also be murdered or mutilated for any act of defiance. Women became subjugated and enslaved, became chattels, the property of their menfolk. The new patriarchal regimen quickly became embedded in religious ethic.

For a long time this was only the privilege of the elite. The peasants had no private property worth speaking of, couldn't afford to lock their women up at home since they were a necessary part of the farming labour force, (early farming where land was cultivated with sticks and hoes was always women's work) and their women had much greater sexual freedom. But as the centuries and millennia passed, the malign monogamous religious ethic inexorably gripped a larger and larger proportion of the community until we had a society which we would recognise from our history books today. That history having been written exclusively by men.

We were never hard-wired for jealousy, but jealousy became an ethical duty! Catch your wife and lover in flagrante delecto and murder them this became a "crime of passion" and even today you will only be charged with manslaughter. If your wife kills you in a desperate act while you are trying to beat her to death, the authorities will pursue her to the ends on the earth for murder, and not allow her previous near death experiences at your hand to be considered in court. How recently was a wife prevented from owning property? (150 years!) How recently did women not have the vote? (80 years!) How recently did a woman have to have her husband sign her tax return? (40 years - a question was asked in parliament about Dennis having to sign Margaret Thatcher's tax return!). How long ago were women locked up in the Magdalene Laundries for having a child out of wedlock? (25 years!)

In the last half century, the West at least, has produced major changes in how we treat women and in how much freedom they have. Many of our contemporaries don't really remember the good old, bad old days. And because we don't know our history we wonder why the remaining niggling little things still happen and are frustrated by them. Why is god male? Why, when half the population don't bother to get married, are there so many religious bigots making such a fuss about the sanctity of marriage? Why can the tabloid press get away with titillating their salacious readership, while ruining the careers of people who have affairs or swing, and claim religion, morals and public health as their justification for denying people's right to privacy or freedom of expression?

Only when we realise that multiple partner sexual relationships, outcest, polyamory, polyandry and cuckoldry are ancient societal norms, and monogamy is only a recent aberration cloaked in a patriarchal religious ethic, can we grasp what is motivating our lovely promiscuous community! The authorities have been made to grasp that being straight or gay is an acceptable lifestyle choice, when will they grasp that being celibate, monogamous, polyamorus, or promiscuous is too. Swinging, swapping, dogging, even prostitution (if we could ever successfully separate it from the pimps, criminals and criminal gangs who are as dreadful slavers as any in history) are lifestyle choices, which we should all be able to make and take responsibility for. We should be able to rejoice in our libidos, and the fact that our women have been allowed to rediscover theirs.

A guest article by our beloved Pelops.