Policeman Busted Over Swinging - Does It Matter?

Date 28th Oct 2016 | Views  573

Over in England (Coventry to be precise) the question of whether your swinging life should affect your work life has come into sharp focus, after a police officer was investigated over pictures of himself on a swingers website.

Snaps of PC Barry Dean wearing his uniform, as well as being naked and partially clad, emerged on a swingers sex site (no free advertising for them here)

In some of his pictures, PC Dean was wearing full uniform, including his radio and name badge.

On his bio, he mentioned that he was a police officer, but that no-one at work knew about his out of work activities.

Needless to say, after he was exposed by the Sun 'newspaper', his local paper, the Coventry Telegraph received a great deal of feedback about whether he deserves to get into trouble or not.

Here are some of the better replies. As you can see, opinion was divided.

Readers Two Cents

Chris Mulligan: Don't see the problem, what he does in his spare time is up 
To him, he is single. I don't see anybody moaning about guys wearing firemens uniform or army combats!

Ethan Lappin: What he does in his time is his own business, but there are set regulations about not wearing official uniforms which is the issue.

Lou Scoobie Taylor: Police call it an abuse of power and it clearly states in their contracts about using their uniform for things like this. It would be the same for any company as it looks bad for them. Companies have social media policies for this reason and you can be sacked for it! Him being a police officer just makes this a lot worse as they are supposed to be trustworthy and credible!

Josey Smith: I'm sure it wouldn't affect his duty as a policeman. You swing away PC.

Evie Nawrocka: If he wants to go on a swingers sex website that is his business!
Because he put his police uniform on it, that's not right at all and surely unfair for all those police who are genuine and protect the country! Shame on him.

Kay Scholey: At the end of the day he is not hurting anyone, what he does in his spare time is up to him. To say he's abusing his position as police officer is a bit over the top.

My Two Cents

Anyone who says that he is abusing his position as a police officer is a moron. That position just doesn't make any sense. However, we all have to remember that not everyone is into swinging, and some members of society actually find it disgusting. That is ignorant, but it is a fact.

This is why, whenever you are on a swingers website like this one, don't mention where you work. You don't want to be accused of bringing your company into disrepute.

Remember folks, swing carefully. It shouldn't matter who knows what we do, but unfortunately, it does.