Policeman Suspended for Filming Doggers

Date 24th Mar 2015 | Views  844

This may be a swingers website, but there are a lot of doggers who come to our site as well. And let me say, we are proud to have them.

Despite having a rather 'interesting reputation', dogging can be a lot of fun. Going watching other couples have sex in the open air, and sometimes participating yourself, is a truly thrilling experience. Yes, there are doggers who get up to it in places they shouldn't, but they are just idiots. Dogging is one of those pursuits that many people like, but don't participate in because of the stigma.

PC Plonker

This was shown last month when a policeman in Sheffield got suspended after allegedly watching dogging couples from his police helicopter using a thermal imaging camera.

PC Adrian Pogmore, 48, then allegedly took the coverage home to watch on TV.

A source told The Sun: "He's accused of looking at dogging sites while the chopper was meant to be on patrol.

"It is also claimed he took footage of a couple having sex down a country lane.

"Officers from the professional standards department launched an immediate investigation and searched his home.

"They removed a disc and after interviewing him concluded that he had a case to answer."

Bitter Ex

It appears that Mr Pogmore got grassed up by his wife, who he recently split up with. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, eh?

Though Mr Pogmore has not been arrested, he faces the prospect of being fired, or even charged for voyeurism.

The footage was allegedly taken in 2008, though he was only suspended on December 5th when the complaint was made.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "An officer has been suspended following an allegation relating to unauthorised use of force visual recording equipment.

"A second South Yorkshire officer inside the helicopter at the time of the alleged incident was also subject to a Professional Standards investigation.

"This pilot is employed by the National Police Air Service (NPAS) and his involvement has been investigated and no misconduct was identified.

"This report will be referred to NPAS for their consideration."

A Forbidden Fruit

Now one question I have regarding this, is whether the couple filmed were doggers or not? This could well just be a couple who have gone down a country lane for some sex. Without seeing the footage, we aren't really able to tell if they wanted to be watched or not.

What it does go to show is that there are people like the idea of dogging, but feel they can't go and do it.

Watching others have sex is perfectly natural, so if you like that idea, find your local dogging spots and go and try it out.

Of course, when it comes to this story, we will wait to see the final details when it comes to establishing what REALLY went on. You always have to have a bit of sympathy if you see a man chucking his career down the toilet (or his wife chucking it away for him)
We will keep you updated!