Intro to Polyamory for Roscommon Swingers

Date 1st Aug 2013 | Views  1301

There's such a solid swinging community in Roscommon, that it's perfectly understandable that some of its members might be interested in learning a little about some of the other forms of non-monogamy. Swingers have great lifestyles, but they're not the only people out there following non-traditional relationship models. If you think polyamory might be right for you, you're bound to have some questions that your swinging friends in Roscommon might not be able to answer.

What is Polyamory?

'Polyamory' is a hybrid Greek and Latin word, which translated means 'many loves'. And the idea behind it is just that, the notion that you can love more than one other person at the same time, without diminishing the love you feel for any of them individually. Someone who is polyamorous may have one 'primary' partner who they live with and are building a life with, and several other 'secondary' partners with whom they are more casual. They may have more than one person that they live with as though they were common-law-married, or they may be in a relationship with someone who has a lifelong partner who is not them. There are as many iterations of polyamory as there are polyamorous people. The only defining feature is that they are all open, honest and real with their partners about who and what they're getting up to . But like the Roscommon swingers, they expect the same honesty in return.

How is Polyamory Different?

Most other kinds of non-monogamy concentrate on the idea that just because you're already in a loving, stable, committed relationship, you don't have to give up having sex with anyone else for the rest of your life. Polyamorists live that way too , but they also go one step further, and embrace the idea that some of those other trysts might also develop further. Polyamory is different from swinging, dogging, or simple 'open' relationships in that its practitioners very often have multiple relationships at the same time. Just like the swingers in Roscommon, that doesn't mean that their relationships are not equally loving, committed and ongoing.

But What About Jealousy?

Everyone feels jealousy, and it's natural and normal to do so. "Jealousy" itself isn't really a thing, though, it pretty much always turns out to be about something else. Maybe what you're really thinking is "the other person might be better for them than I am?", or "what if they leave me for them?", or "how come they're getting more of their needs met than I am?", or simply "I have nothing to do tonight, it isn't fair that my partner is out having fun and I'm not". When jealousy rears its head, always take the time to figure this out . You can then attack the cause, not the symptom.

Where Can I Find Out More?

The swinging community in Roscommon is a great place to start learning about non-monogamy, but there is a distinct lack of well-advertised poly groups. However, if you'd like to find out more, there are plenty of options Surprisingly, Ireland itself has a large and thriving polyamorous community. They're mostly based in Dublin, but with a little searching you're sure to be able to find out what you need to know.