Randalstown Forest in Twitter Dogging Storm

Date 8th Apr 2015 | Views  1197

I have to say, I have always enjoyed dogging. There is just something about getting it on in public, with or without people watching that is incredible. However, I have always been a big exponent of picking the right time and places to engage in my favourite activity. If you aren't careful, then it really can go tits up for everyone.

Take this for example. Randalstown Forest in Antrim, which is popular with families on days out, is apparently being used as a gay dogging site.

Not Homophobia

Northern Irish politician Trevor Clarke was made aware of this via Twitter, and was obviously rather unimpressed, especially at the accusations that his negative attitude to dogging was homophobic.

Speaking to Belfast Live, he said regardless of whether those committing the acts were homosexual or heterosexual, "a public place is not the place for sexual acts".

Mr Clarke of the Democratic Unionist Party said: "As I tried to explain to the guy on Twitter who drew my attention to it, I am not homophobic, if someone chooses to be gay or if that's what they are, that's what they are, I'm not going to condemn them for that.

"However, I think it is totally disrespectful for anyone whether they are gay or heterosexual to be involved in sexual acts in a public place."

It seems that a notice was put on Twitter , giving directions to the area. Talk about making it obvious! Mr Clarke will now be making inquiries, and if need be (which I guess it will, if you know what I mean) will make a complaint to the authorities.

"I think it is totally inappropriate, particularly this time of year and right through the summer when that [area] will be used by families, dog walkers and everything else.
"So whether they are homosexual or heterosexual a public place is not the place for sexual acts," he added.

Remember the Etiquette

The way I look at it, is that when we go out dogging, we should really do it at times that other members of the public aren't gonna be knocking around. I have two kids (who are now grown up) and I know full well I wouldn't want to be enjoying an afternoon stroll with my family, then finding a couple going at it up against a tree. However, if it was late, and in a dark secluded place, then it would probably be my fault for taking my kids out at that time.

If we go dogging, but we do it in a manner that attracts attention, all that will happen is that police will start doing more patrols, and our favourite dogging locations will get shut down.

So just be careful folks. Try not to bring unwanted attention upon yourself, or your dogging spot. As dogging becomes more popular, you will get more people who don't really understand the etiquette. Therefore if you think that no-one is being that discreet, turn around and go home. It will be best in the long run.