Safer Sex Tips for Kilkenny Swingers

Date 19th Jul 2013 | Views  1579

STIs are on the rise in Kilkenny, just like they are in the whole of Ireland. This absolutely does not need to stop you swinging or spoil your fun, though in the words of Billy Bragg, "safe sex doesn't mean no sex, it just means use your imagination". There are a few quick and easy things that anyone can do to ensure that no matter how exciting their sex life, they're still at as little risk as possible of contracting an STI.

#1: Always, Always Use a Condom

Unless you're in the strictest and most monogomous relationship ever, there's no excuse for having sexual intercourse that involves someone who has a penis without using a condom. They're the double-whammy of contraceptive devices they're the only thing that can protect against both pregnancy and STIs, and they're pretty good for making cleanup easier too. They're particularly good for swingers and swinger's events, because if lots of people are in one place in various states of undress the very last thing you need is other people's semen everywhere! There really is no such thing as someone who can't use condoms with a little trial and error they can work for anyone who is truly determined to get used to them.

#2: Don't Forget About Other Barrier Protection

Condoms, while brilliant, are not the only form of barrier protection available. You should also consider introducing latex gloves and dental dams to your other sexual activities, thus significantly reducing your chances of transmitting an STI by any means. Make sure that whenever you attend a party or an event you're fully stocked and ready for anything. The more you use protection, the more natural it will start to seem and it needn't at all be a mood-killer. You will find all Kilkenny swingers respect you for your attention to detail.

#3: Get Checked Out Frequently

Most Kilkenny swingers are more sexually active than the average person. And that's brilliant, everyone should be able to carry out their own sex lives exactly how they want to, assuming that 'how they want to' doesn't affect anyone else in ways that they don't want to be affected. It does mean, though, that it's even more important for the swingers of Kilkenny, and anywhere else, to get checked out frequently than it is for most people. Make sure you go at least once every six months, and always choose a reputable testing clinic. The Kilkenny Clinic is a good choice, and can advise you on all kinds of related things while you're there.

#4: Spread the Word and Lose the Stigma

There's a lot of stigma associated with STIs and their treatment, and somehow this seems to have crossed over into the prevention of them as well. One of the best things you can do to keep yourself and your partners safe and healthy is to encourage as many people as possible to go along to somewhere like The Kilkenny Clinic every six months and get tested.

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