Safety Tips for Swinging in Carlow

Date 17th Jul 2013 | Views  1326

Swinging is an alternative lifestyle that has been around for as long as man has. This once openly practiced lifestyle was driven underground because of the Church's vast influence. Today, with the change in attitudes and morals, it is once again becoming openly practiced. Although some may fear retribution for their lifestyle, it is becoming less 'scandalous'. These safety tips for swinging in Carlow will allow those that want to experience this lifestyle, a guide to being protected.

Both Go or No- Go

When a couple goes to a swinger's party or club in Carlow, they need to go together and leave together. This is for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, if a person in a couple goes by themselves, it can create serious issue in the relationship. Secondly, by going together, it provides safety because both partners are present. There is safety in numbers, and in this case it is two.

Attending Parties Where You Know The Host/Hostess

Don't go to a blind invitation anywhere including Carlow. Going to parties where you know the host/hostess, you will know the atmosphere or theme of the party. This means, that if there is particular proclivity of a party like bondage, if you know the host/hostess, you will be aware of this, and can turn down the invitation if that is not your bag. Also, going into a situation where you don't know anyone or what is to happen (other than swinging) is setting yourself up for the potential of physical or mental harm. Be safe; only go to parties where you know what is expected.

Internet Sites

If you choose to find partners through, you first should carry on an extended conversation. Get to know the couple before meeting them. Understand what their ideas are about swinging and the alternative lifestyle. Are they newbies or experienced? By conversing first through the site, you can begin to understand what the perspective couple's personality, both singly and as a couple.

When first meeting face-to face, it should be in an open and public place in Carlow County. The reason for the meeting doesn't have to be open or public, but you need the protection that a public place offers. Because you really don't know who this other couple are, the potential for physical, financial and mental harm is greatly increased. If they request a private meeting, be wary, you do not know what they have in store for you or your partner, and it could result in a number of unpleasant and dangerous things.

Also, when meeting the new couple for the first time, it should be you and your partner. This is a team activity, and there is no place for solo activity.

Swinging is an alternative lifestyle that is starting to once again be accepted. Keeping you and your partner safe should be of the utmost concern. Using these safety tips for swinging in Carlow will allow you to protect everyone involved.