Five Security Tips For Safe Dogging

Date 15th Sep 2017 | Views  243

Dogging can be a lot of fun. There is something really exciting about being in the open air, watching others have sex, or having sex ourselves. It really is an illicit pleasure that more people would enjoy if they tried it.

However, it has to be said, it is something that can go wrong if not done well. Lets face it, you are late at night in a dark and secluded area, with people you likely won't know. What is the worst that can happen?

This is why we are going to bring you five security tips for dogging. Though no-one can ever be guaranteed to be safe, following these rules can give you the best chance to do so.

So here goes.

1) Don't Take Your Valuables

You don't know anyone at your dogging site, so you have no idea if they are dodgy or not. Therefore it is best to keep your valuables at home, like expensive watches or jewellery. You can even leave your best mobile phone at home and take a cheap one for if you need to use it.

2) Don't Use Your Real Name

You want to be anonymous, so leave no information there where the local weirdo can track you down. You aren't there to make friends, so what is the point of leaving breadcrumbs about yourself?

3) Be Aware of Your Surroundings

There are a lot of fun things to watch when you are at a dogging site, but you should always keep your eyes open away from the action. Be aware whether someone is following you or not as getting mugged is never fun, as if you need me to tell you that.

4) Don't Go There Drunk or Drugged Up

You need to be aware that there are dodgy people about who think that you aren't likely to go to the police if you get robbed or attacked whilst dogging as the embarrassment may be too much. Therefore make sure that you are on top of your game when you are there, not being drunk or on drugs. This will give you the best chance to defend yourself if something goes wrong.

5) Don't Go Straight Home

Some doggers who have been the victim of crime say that they have been followed home after going to a venue, either by other doggers or more likely by criminals tracking people from the area. It is therefore best to not go straight home; maybe go to the shops, go for a drink, or a bite to eat somewhere. They will likely get bored and leave you to it. You can then go home and not have any unwanted company.

The chances of getting attacked when you go dogging are small. However, it would be daft to say it never happens so the best thing you can do is protect yourself. That way you can give yourself the best possible chance of having a fun and safe experience.

Happy dogging everyone.