Party Games to Get Waterford Swingers Going

Date 2nd Aug 2013 | Views  3743

Even the best of parties needs a few icebreakers to get things started, and coming up with good games for Waterford swingers that don't feel tacky or awkward is a lot harder than you might first think. There might be plenty of other swinging parties in Waterford, but that doesn't mean that yours can't stand out. You just need to use your imagination and think up some fun, innovative and unusual party games and icebreakers.
Thankfully, help is at hand. Feel free to read our guide for a few ideas.

The Chair Game

Beloved of swingers, kinksters and polyamorists all over the UK and Eire, the 'chair game' is simple. One person sits down in, or is tied to a chair and blindfolded, while others (preferably friends and partners of theirs) take it in turns to kiss, fondle or tease them. If they can guess who it is correctly, they get to stay for another round. If they fail, someone else takes their position in the chair.

The Human Icebreaker

If there's one person who is enthusiastic about the idea; perhaps a little more experienced and is a regular in the Waterford swinging community, having a 'human icebreaker' is a fantastic way to get things moving. This can also help the person in question try out something they've never done before. They could be covered in sliced fruit and chocolate syrup and have anyone who wanted to, eat some of it off them. On the other hand, they could be put into a bondage tie to be played with within limits they pre-set, or anything else that they think they'd like to try. You would need clear communication and a pre-arranged safe word to make this work, but it can be a fantastic way of getting the party started, and setting the right sort of mood.

Truth or Dare

This is one of those things that seems like it might be a silly idea, but is in actuality not at all a bad one. This particular game has become a favourite in the Waterford swinging scene because it gets people to relax and open up, and is almost endlessly pervertable. Just make sure that nobody feels pressured into doing or saying anything they genuinely don't want to, or are uncomfortable about. Just remember, the fact it is 'only a game' is no excuse at all for a violation of a person's consent boundaries. Other than that, go wild with it! You'll be amazed by how well it works.

Indoor "Dogging"

While there is in fact a lively dogging community in Waterford, not all swingers are comfortable with the idea, even if it also intrigues them. You can get around this by making one room of your party that feels a little like the same principle. All you need to do is turn off all the lights, and encourage guests to use it for silent, semi-anonymous sex with each other. It creates a frisson that many love, and is a good way of ensuring that the party gets moving nice and quickly.

For extra tips on throwing a Waterford swinging party, read our fun, helpful guide.