Sexual health for swingers in Ireland

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Sexual health for swingers in Ireland

Obviously the world of Irish swinging is a fun filled world where we get to explore our innermost desires with like-minded people. However, we need to make sure we are safe during these sexual rendezvous'. So here at we have put together a guide on safe sex for swingers. This will help you not only have fun, but stay safe also.

Are STD's a concern for swingers?

Oh yes. You are engaging in sexual activity, on many occasions, with complete strangers. This can be very dangerous if precautions are not taken. Be aware though, using a condom does not eliminate the risk of contracting an STD completely. It is up to us to make sure we are tested regularly. It is also acceptable to request others bring recent test results to the party.

Unwanted pregnancy is also another reason to make sure you stay safe during your swinging sessions.
Finally, if you have ever had any STD's, let your fellow swingers know about it, even if you think it has cleared up. Some STD's stay with us for life, even if the physical symptoms have long since gone.

Safe sex or regular tests?

Despite what some may think, this isn't actually a choice. Many STD's don't have any symptoms, and viruses such as HIV take up to three months to detect in a test. Also the prospect of unwanted pregnancy is not one that should be taken lightly. The psychological damage of either getting a girl pregnant, or not knowing who the potential father of a child is can be extensive.

So please, be careful.

What can be done to reduce the risk?

The most effective way of staying healthy is to use a condom. This is not only common, but is expected within the Irish swinging community.
Condoms are extremely easy to use and come in all sizes and thicknesses. The first thing to do is to hold the tip whilst you unroll it. You can then use a lubricant to not only increase mutual pleasure, but to stop the condom ripping during sex.

Obviously a different condom should be used every time you change partners. Also, if you are changing between anal and vaginal sex you should change your condom. Failure to do so can lead to vaginal infections and a very unhappy swinger! Also, if you are putting your fingers in both holes, you should use anti-bacterial soap ‘between changes.'

Oral Sex

Oral sex is one of the most confusing areas of the whole safe sex argument. Many will argue that oral should always be done in a covered manner to ensure non-transmission of STD's. Others will state that the transmission rates are negligible and that uncovered oral is pretty much safe. We recommend you do your own research and come to the conclusion that you find the best.

If you do perform uncovered oral, then there are a number of things you can do to make the experience safer for you. Firstly, don't floss your teeth before engaging in it. This makes the gums less able to keep the pathogens out. Girls should not let gentlemen come in their mouths, whilst men should not perform oral sex on a girl whilst she is on her period.

If you find that performing oral sex is something you only want to do with a condom, that is your personal choice. Latex condoms should be used during fellatio, whilst a "Glyde" or "Lixx" oral sex barrier should be used during cunnilingus. The use of barriers during cunnilingus is not widespread in the Irish swinging community, but it is always your choice what you do during a swinging session. Remember that.

Wash your hands

Hands are an often overlooked area when it comes to discussing safe sex. If you have been playing with a fellow swingers vagina or bottom, then make sure you wash your hands with a proper anti-bacterial soap, before touching anyone else's genitals or your own eyes.
You can use latex gloves during any swinging session. Though this is not regularly done, Irish swingers respect anyone who engages in safe sex. You are not really going to put anyone off by being careful, so don't worry. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

Safe Sex Kits

Despite most party hosts providing safe sex supplies, you should always bring your own pack, just to be sure. This can include condoms, lube, anti-bacterial wash and latex gloves. There is nothing worse than turning up to a swingers party and not being prepared. You might as well just pop off to an Irish bar and have a Guinness if this happens.

Sexual health services

Below we have some important numbers and websites if you have any questions on sexual health.

Avert is a charity based in the UK working to avert HIV and AIDS through education, treatment and care. They have information on sex, puberty, sexuality, contraception and condoms . It also includes personal stories, articles and resources such as quizzes, statistic, FAQ's and printable booklets.

Irish Sexual Health Website
Ireland's number one sexual health website is This colorful website is full of information on sexual health, contraception, pregnancy and many other things. We feel this site is ideal for Irish swingers.

Find a Clinic
The Health Service Executive (HSE) delivers thousands of different health and social services across the whole of Ireland. The website gives information on sexual health, plus their services map allows you to find a clinic close to you with contact details for STI screening services.

Sexual Health Line
Tel: 0800 567 123 (24 hours) (UK)
Textphone: 0800 521 361
The sexual health line gives confidential advice and information about STI's or any other aspect of sexual health. They can also inform you of the contact details for your nearest GUM clinic.