Should I Disclose My STI History When Swinging?

Date 4th Nov 2016 | Views  405

I got a very interesting message from someone earlier this week. It was from a guy and he wanted to know about how much he should disclose about a history of STI's. Instead of me paraphrasing, here is what he wrote.

An Interesting Message


I was wanting to know, in the swinging world, how much you need to say about STI's? I have had some issues in the past, but now I always like to practice safe sex these days.

I am really concerned that other swingers will just hear the words letters STI, and then completely tell me to piss off. Not only would that upset me, but it would also upset my wife. As I always use protection, does what I have had actually matter?

Just so you know, we haven't actually gone swinging yet. This is why I am writing as I want to get an answer BEFORE I go.


Well, here was my reply to him

Hi mate.

First things first, you should always give full disclosure. It doesn't matter if how long ago it was, when it comes to swinging, we always let other swingers know what our history has been in this department. It is good manners, and your fellow swingers can then make a decision.

Now you may be over-worrying about what the reaction will be if you speak about it. A lot will depend on what you have had. If you have Herpes, which isn't curable, then you may well have other swingers turning you down. If however, you had chlamydia 10 years back and it was treated, then you aren't that likely to get knocked back (although you should always respect people if they do) Now you know which category you fall into more than me, but they are the facts.

Other than that, good luck. I hope the venture into out world works out for you. Feel free to let me know how you get on.

Any Other Questions?

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