The Signs of Swingers Wasting Your Time!

Date 12th Aug 2016 | Views  545

Swinging is a lot of fun... most of the time. You'll meet other couples that you click with, get to know them better, and enjoy your time together exploring all kinds of kinky things. However, sometimes you will meet others who just don't understand the importance of being reliable when it comes to swinging. Sometimes, you will encounter time wasters.

Time wasters can leave you feel incredibly frustrated... especially if you have invested a lot of time and effort into getting to know them better. You'll feel as though all of the conversations, flirting, and planning have gone to waste when they don't show or continue to cancel at the last minute.

Trying to figure out which couples are serious about swinging and which are not can be tough... but there are actually a few signs that can tell you which couples might be potential time wasters. Looking out for these signs can help to keep you prepared, and we take at look a what the different signs are.

Level of play

Understanding the level of play you, your partner, and the other couple are interested in is hugely important. It helps to ensure that everyone knows what is and isn't acceptable. This can go a long way to make your session fun for you and all involved.

Most couples will list the level of play they are interested in, whether soft or hard swinging, on their profile online. It tells you in an instant what they want, and lets your know that they have spent the time talking about it. They are serious about it.

However, time wasters tend not to list it. Often, this is because they have only gotten as far as creating the profile. They haven't really taken the time to sit down and talk about what they want. For them, signing up on a swinging website is the first step. Because they haven't listed their level of play, the chances are that they don't actually know. This means that, when the fun starts, you might find that the couple aren't as invested as you thought they were.

Acting coy

This can also come across in conversations with them. Most swingers you will meet and spend time getting to know better will be very upfront about what it is that they are looking for and their interests. As you continue to flirt, they will be very open about their likes and dislikes, which makes it so much easier for you to plan your sexy encounter together.

Time wasters tend not to work this way. They don't feel as comfortable being open about the subject, and might act coy. This could simply be nervousness, but often it is a similar case as above. They might not have taken the time to talk about it and really thought through what it is that they want from swinging.

No kissing

Having rules and off-limit areas is perfectly normal with swinging. Some couples love the idea of hooking up with others, but the idea of having actual real penis-in-vagina intercourse is something they aren't keen on. Oral is fine, but going further? No.

This is acceptable. It shows that the couple know exactly what they are comfortable with and that they know what they want when you meet up. However, one thing that sets off warning signs is if they have a no kissing rule. While there are some swingers out there who simply don't want to swap saliva, as they feel it is too emotional, a lot of newbies to the swinging scene will have this listed. They want to make it purely about the sex, but the lack of connection can be a problem for some.

There are also some couples who will change this to a "wife will only kiss women". This is, perhaps, even worse. It instantly makes you think that they are only really seeking a threesome with another woman, as the other man will simply be ignored the entire time. It could also be an indication as to jealousy issues, depending on why the rule was put down. This means that your fun could turn sour in an instant.

Who are you talking to?

A lot of swinging websites have a huge number of male-only profiles. These men are usually keen to hook up with couples, but are single or have no partner willing to enter the world of swinging to explore. However, there are also a number of couple profiles run by the man.

Often, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. You'll just find that you spend a lot of time conversing with the man, and a little less time with the women. However, if you find that you are talking only to the man, this is going to ring alarm bells.

It might be that the "wife" doesn't exist. The person may have made them up simply so that they have a higher chance of talking to couples and working out something sexy between them. It might even be that their other half isn't as invested in swinging as they are. When it comes to swinging you want the chance to be able to talk to all involved, as this will help you get to know them better and see if you click. If you don't get that chance, be aware that you might be dealing with time wasters.

A picture is worth a thousand words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is definitely the case when it comes to swinging. Most swingers choose to hide their face on their profiles, which is fine. They simply want to hide their identity and keep their kinky fun secret. After all, what goes on between consenting adults isn't really anyone's business, is it?

When it comes to swinging, time wasters might be a little biased with their pictures. The couples might show tons of photographs of the wife, doing all sorts of sexy poses for the camera... but absolutely none of the husband. Yes, they might simply be camera shy, but it may also raise some questions.

It could be nothing. It could simply be that they do not feel as sexy and confident in their body as their wife does. However, you need to know who you are meeting, and if you and your partner find them both attractive. The point of swinging is to have fun with couples you find sexy... not just the wives. Again, this could be another sign of time wasters, and many swingers will tend to steer clear of these profiles.

How to deal with time wasters

If you feel that you are deal with time wasters, the best thing that you can do is be blunt with them. Ask them about their interests in a direct way. It might simply be that they are new to the world of swinging and don't realise what people want to know about them when they talk to them.

However, if they continue to try and avoid talking about it and don't seem genuine, tell them that you don't think that they are for you. Being straight forward about it will save both your time and theirs... and everyone can move on to more fun things.

Are there some other things you look out for when talking to new couples? What red flags do you tend to avoid? Share them with us and see if other swinging couples do the same.