Alternative Sexual Escapades for Sligo Swingers

Date 1st Aug 2013 | Views  2939

If you've been swinging in Sligo for a while, you might be starting to find that you're on the lookout for something new. You might want something that could keep you and your partner interested and excited, something a bit different from what you've tried before. Here are a few ideas, all of which you can find ways to explore right at home in Sligo.

Dogging and Exhibitionism

There's a certain frisson inherent to public or semi-public sex that you just don't get from other sorts of play. This is something well know by some people swinging in Sligo. There are also plenty of dogging spots in Sligo, and if you don't think that's quite right for you, there are always other things you could try . You could be taking part in a much more public scene than you usually would at your next swingers club or swingers party, for example. Just make sure that everyone present has consented to watching sexual activity, and enjoy putting on a show.
For some more helpful tips, read our guide to dogging.

Public Teasing

Buy yourself a remote controlled cock ring or clitoral buzzer, slip it on, hand the remote to your partner and go out for dinner. They're usually quiet enough that you can get away with this so long as there's a little ambient noise, and it truly is a wonderful way to get yourself right to the edge before you can finally get home and enjoy each other more openly.

Kink and BDSM

This is a subject that's as huge and as complicated as you want it to be, really. There are almost endless variations on the kinky and BDSM theme, and with a little exploration you're bound to find something you want to try. There are munches (meetings of kinky people) in Sligo, but you really don't need to do anything other than experiment privately with your partner. You will find the sky is the limit. Just like when you started in the Sligo swinging scene, it is a case of taking things step by step.

Orgasm Restrictions

In its extreme forms this falls under 'kink', really, but it can work for anyone, especially people who spend a chunk of their week away from their partner. Make a rule that neither of you are allowed to reach climax till you next see each other, but that you do have to occasionally tease yourself without climaxing. By the time you're together in Sligo again, you'll be absolutely raring to go and the orgasms you have will be all the better for it.

Buy a Book

Let's face it: none of those sex manuals are really very likely to significantly alter your sex life forever. And really, that isn't even what they're for. The idea is less to change the way you have sex, and more to have fun trying out something new. Explore the book you've chosen and its possibilities with your partner, and remember never to take anything too seriously. Trying new positions like those in the book, is going to be hilarious sometimes. You need to embrace that, laugh together, and relax into the moment rather than stressing about getting things exactly right.

No matter what new things you try, every Sligo swinger, and anyone else for that matter, needs to just relax, have fun and embrace, these new experiences