Socialising at Your first Swingers Event

Date 29th Jul 2016 | Views  565

Swinging is a lot of fun, but when you are first starting out, it can seem as though there are so many different things for you to worry about. Joining websites can help you meet others in the swinging community and get to know them, and you can get some great advice from others there. Sometimes though, you simply want a guide to help you figure things out. You might have looked at our guides to your first swingers event, but you might need something more specific. You might want to know what to do about socialising at your first event.

If you are new to swinging and hoping to learn about the different swinging socialising rules, or you just want to remind yourself of the dos and don'ts, then this is the guide for you. Take a look at the different things that you need to be aware of, and what you can do to make socialising at swingers events easier for you and your partner.

Why socialising is important

A lot of people seem to believe the swinging is all about the final act... but that isn't the case. For many swingers, it is as much about the actual connections and conversations that they have with others as it is about the act of swinging itself.

By socialising, you get to know other swingers. This means that you will have plenty of different people to meet up with when you want some kinky fun, and best of all, you can get a number of different tips from them. If you make strong connections, you may find yourself invited to more exclusive swinging parties, where you can get to know even more people.

Through conversations with other swingers, you can discover more about the kinkiest things that people do. You might learn a little bit more about a sex act that interests you, or you may have others talking to you for your advice on certain things. You also get to know about the limits of other couples and what it is that turns them on the most.

Striking up a conversation

You might think that there is some kind of secret method to help you to strike up a conversation with others swingers, but there really isn't. It is genuinely as easy as going up to them and saying "hi, how are you?"

Remember: at a swingers event, you are all there for the same reason. You want to get to know others and to find potential partners for the future. So instead of worrying, spend a little bit of time trying to relax. You will appear much more approachable if you are.

Smile and don't be afraid to say hi to people. Even if you don't stop to have a conversation, a smile and a "hello" can make a huge difference. When you do start talking to a couple, ask how they are doing. Find out if it is their first event, or if they are regulars.

When it gets sexy

After a while of talking to someone, you might find that the conversation starts to turn towards other things. You may start flirting with them, which many couples find totally acceptable, and it might get to a point where you want to move things along and perhaps even head into a room.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have had a good and detailed conversation with your partner before the party. You will need to know what your limits are. While you might be perfectly okay with the idea of watching your partner fucking someone else, they might not be okay with it. They might find that the biggest appeal of swinging is watching others, and so not like the idea of others joining in with your fun.

This is perfectly acceptable, but you need to talk about it first before you go diving in. Establish your limits with your partner first, learning what they want to happen and what their limits are. This means that when you join another couple, you don't have to worry about how your partner is feeling, as you already know what they want.

Talking to other couples

When you know your limits as a couple, it is much easier to talk to others. They might want to go to a private area to discuss things in more detail, or to simply flirt away from prying eyes. When you do, you will get the chance to talk about your interests in swinging.

It is always best to be honest about it. If you prefer watching, let them know. It might be that they love being watched too and that they find it is the biggest turn on.

This means that, when the fun starts, you can find a position that works perfectly for you all. You could get into doggy style position so that both you and your partner can watch the other couple. It will make you both go harder and faster, as you want to show off your skills to them and get them as horny as possible. By being honest from the beginning, everyone knows what to expect.

Socialising online

While many of you like to attend events and talk to people there, it can often feel a lot easier to strike up a conversation when you know people. That is why swinging has erupted so much online.

You can conduct every little detail of planning, socialising, and flirting online. You don't have to meet up until the actual event, and then when you do, you will have already spent so much time socialising with them that it is easy.

Have you got some tips for socialising at swinging events that you wish to share? You can use the forum to do so, or simply leave a comment in the box below to tell us your best tips for socialising and swinging.