Soft Swinging and Full Swinging - The Benefits of Both

Date 7th Nov 2014 | Views  1425

One question I have been asked quite a bit over the last few weeks is regarding 'soft swapping' and 'full swapping'. Yes people have learned what they are, but what are the specific benefits of them both? Well, that is a very good question, and one I feel we should answer.

Let's start off with talking about what each are for anyone who may not know.

Different Types

A soft swap swing is where a couple swaps partners, and they engage in kissing, caressing, touching and maybe even oral sex. What they don't do is have full intercourse.

However, a full swap is as what it sounds. Couples get together and have full sex.

Now why do people get up to different types of swinging?

Reasons For Both

Let's start with the soft swap. There are two main reasons why people swing like this. Firstly, this may be a good way to start your swinging adventure.

Look at it this way; starting with a full swing may, to some people be like a case of starting a car and going from 0 to 60 in three seconds. A soft swing may allow you to proverbially dip your toe in the water instead of knowing that their partner is engaging in full sex in another room and feeling uncomfortable

Now at the start people may choose to soft swing. However, they may choose to go into full swing mode as they become more experienced. Still, this may not actually be the case.

I know many people who love soft swinging and that's all they want to do. They get the excitement of meeting new people and engaging in sexual activity, but they want to keep the 'main course' for their partner at home.

Now when it comes to full swapping, you of course have the benefit of being able to have sex with another person. I was chatting with a friend, and he told me that if you have decided you want to meet other people for the purposes of swinging, then you might as well have sex with them. Issues with jealousy and boundaries need to have been discussed before you start swinging. He described the soft swing as being like drinking alcohol free beer.


Now I think his view is a little simplistic, and I told him that to his face. However, I can see where he is coming from. Swinging is based on being able to swap partners and have no qualms about what is going on in the next room. If you aren't completely comfortable doing things, go and do something else. It would be daft to say that there aren't some people who engage in soft swinging who may not be as comfortable in the lifestyle as they like to make out.

Still, I have no doubt that those people are in the minority.


In the end, whatever you do, be it soft or full swinging, communicate with your partner and make sure you are both happy venturing down this road. Do what make you feel comfortable and go at the pace you see fit.

We hope you found this useful. Any more questions any of you Irish swingers have, just let us know.