Stages Of Participation Among Derry Swingers

Date 17th Jul 2013 | Views  1194

One of the biggest misconceptions that outsiders often have about groups like the swingers in Derry is that all they care about is non-stop sex with strangers and friends. Nothing could be further from the truth, and simple observation of these close-knit groups in Ireland will quickly reveal what really goes on during popular group activities.


One of the activities that is actually associated with swinging is very safe and secure, yet exciting at the same time. Many newcomers to groups like the Derry swingers will often practice a little voyeurism until they feel more comfortable with the group as a whole. Voyeurism, at its heart, involves just watching those around you enjoy each other without embarrassment. If you do not mind watching, and others do not mind being observed at play, it is a perfectly acceptable activity when you are just starting out.


Cuckolding is often practiced by the swingers in Derry when you have partners that are dominant, and prefer to direct the action, rather than immediately participate. In essence, one partner will watch while their partner has sex with someone else. Men tend to prefer this type of swinging activity, although women who wish to live out certain fantasies involving multiple partners will also participate. In the larger Derry swingers clubs, you will often find single men who hang out just to perform such an act.

Soft Swingers

Another stage of participation that can be found among local groups of Derry swingers is that of "soft" swinging. As we said, voyeurism can be a large part of the swinger lifestyle, and this particular type of activity has great appeal to some couples. What soft swinging involves is you have one couple who likes to watch, and a lot of willing participants to help out. Both partners have no real desire to participate sexually with anyone but each other, and the voyeurism here is their preferred method of exhibition, and inspiration.

Active Participation

The most active stage of participation in the swingers of Derry's lifestyle has to be those who actively watch, take part, and are not afraid to try a little experimentation. This can take the form of bisexuality, where one or more partners will actively seek same-sex activities. Threesomes are not unusual, as well as other groupings, as long as all are willing participants. Coercion or force does not ever enter into the equation here, as safety among all participants is paramount.

Go At Your Own Pace

The last thing to remember about taking part in the alternative lifestyle that is swinging, is to go at your own pace. Everyone has their own comfort level, and you should never feel pressured to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you are pressured within a particular group, then you might want to consider moving on to a group that is more accepting of your needs.