Sunderland Swingers Club Refused Planning Permission

Date 18th Jun 2014 | Views  1139

It really isn't easy running a swingers club. Though our way of life is perfectly normal, safe and enjoyable, there are many people who really want to make it difficult for us.

Take this case in Sunderland where a swingers club has been refused permission to turn the establishment into a private members club.

Vivente private members club opened five months ago in Hudson, and was looking retrospectively change itself into a private club. However, councillors have refused permission, throwing the future of the place into doubt.

A Heavy Investment

Club owner Katherine Hind said £20,000 has been invested in the club, which she said has already attracted 450 members, including doctors and solicitors, as well as other professionals.

Ms Hind told the hearing at Sunderland Civic Centre: "We are family people with children, and most of our members are family people.

"None of us want to put our children at risk, so that is why we open at 8pm, when the church and school are not open."

She added: "Nobody knew we were there, until Councillor McClennan found out and told everyone.

"We have been trading for six months without incident.

"Every single week we go and pick up used needles from the back lane, because we have the needle exchange opposite.

"We have the police coming down to arrest drunks. We are embarrassed, and have to apologise to our professional members that it is an upcoming and area and it will be changing."

Planning To Appeal

There is hope however. Planning officers warned committee members that they have no legal right to decline the application, and can't take any action on moral grounds.

Therefore the club will appeal the decision and continue to trade.

Speaking after the hearing at Sunderland Civic Centre, Ms Hind said: "We intend to appeal. We are not doing anything illegal, so we are allowed to keep on trading."

This is the problem when you have people in authority trying to play the moral guardian of the nation.

Thankfully it looks as though the club will stay open.

It does go to show however, that swinging is yet to be embraced by certain sections of society!

They really don't know what they are missing!