Swimmer Mark Foster Attacked Over Alleged Dogging

Date 30th Dec 2016 | Views  471

It sometimes really pisses me off how dogging is looked down upon by the press. They really make no effort to hide their contempt for the practice, or those who partake in it. The latest victim recently was former world champion swimmer Mark Foster, who had his alleged dogging exploits plastered over a major newspaper.

A Legend Attacked

The five time Olympian who has carved out a career as a presenter now his career has finished, is alleged to be making regular trips to a woodland site in North Barnet, north London, which is five miles away from his home.

One dogger told The Sun: “It is a popular place for dogging. It is like a sex playground and absolutely anything goes on in those woods. They are used for casual sex. There are condoms everywhere. You do not make dates, you just turn up and have sex with whoever turns up.

“Locals walk dogs, but everyone knows it is also used by people who do not have time for dates and who go there, get off and go. I do not know why Foster would come here.”

To go dogging, maybe?

The article proceeds to go on in intimate detail when he is meant to have attended. How they would have such detailed knowledge of his movements I don't know. It is all a little strange, and arguably smacks of bullshit.

I am not going to repeat them as it is tedious and irrelevant. Either it was him, or it wasn't, but why do they feel the need to drag a legend like Mark Foster through the mud?

I can understand why people get annoyed with condoms getting left in the woods. Hey, on these very pages we have called for doggers to clean up after themselves out of respect for others, and as a way of not drawing attention to your favourite spot. But there is a difference between that and basically labelling us perverts.

Selling papers is the Key

Now it has to be said, Mark Foster has denied any allegation of 'improper conduct'. I am happy to take him at his word as I don't care whether he goes dogging or not. If he is, good luck to him, if he isn't, who gives a shit?

Why a national newspaper feels the need to try and destroy the guy I don't know. What they need to do is actually speak to people who go dogging, and they will find out that we are just normal people who just happen to enjoy sex differently to vanilla folk.

However, you do get the impression that selling newspapers is the only thing these press guys are interested in. If that means destroying Mark Foster, or any of the 1000's of people who go dogging on a weekly basis, that is a price worth paying, yeah?

Well, I hope you all have a great new year, and there are many dogging exploits that you can tell us about in 2017. In the words of the great Bono 'don't let the bastards grind you down'.