Swingers Church Shut Down Over Fire Risk

Date 1st Jul 2015 | Views  739

A few weeks ago, Swingers.ie brought you the story of a swingers club in the USA that was trying to get around any laws that prevent sex clubs by declaring that the establishment was a church. Obviously, that caused quite a bit of hilarity in our offices. Well, it seems that there has been an update in that particular story.

The swingers club in Madison was shut down last weekend for holding a 'social event' without proper fire permits. Yes, you did hear me right there.

Nashville Fire Department spokesman Brian Haas said his men cleared the club after members told him there was gathering that night.

"Because they did not have a Use and Occupancy Permit to occupy the building (specifically, they had not had final fire inspections), our inspectors cleared the building of all people and posted a Stop Work Notice," Haas said. "They'll have to get proper inspections and a permit before that building can be used."

Successful to a Point

What seems evident is that the plan to make the club a church in an effort to get around zoning legislation has been absolutely successful. It seems that the powers that be can do nothing about that particular piece of legal pussyfooting.

However, it seems that two can play at that game. Instead of closing the place down on moral or zoning grounds, they have dug up a fire regulation to stop the swingers getting up to their naughty ways.

Still, it seems that once they get their fire permit sorted, they will be fine, unless of course more crazy by-laws are then brought in to make things difficult for our swinging friends.

It does seem that both sides are willing to play dirty on this one. And really, if you use the law to get your own way, you shouldn't be too surprised when your opponents start to use those kind of loopholes against you.

We of course hope that this swingers club stays open. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they wish, as long as it isn't hurting anyone. Still, until then, we will just sit back with the popcorn and enjoy the Punch and Judy Show.

We will of course keep you up to date with any further developments in the story!