Swingers Club Allowed To Stay Open

Date 10th Mar 2015 | Views  952

In a major victory for swinging in the UK, a swingers club in Stanley, County Durham will stay open after the council said it was doing nothing wrong.

'Club F' in the Spa Hotel has been in business for two years, and has been named the friendliest swingers club in the UK.

Concerns Raised

Residents has voiced their concern after a swingers party was was advertised to take place during school hours. The club is apparently in close proximity to a school.

Though the event was cancelled, it didn't stop certain people complaining. One guy said he was disgusted that there was a swingers club so close to a school.

"It's worrying, you don't know who would be about.

"I don't think it's appropriate to be so close to the school."

However, police and planning chiefs said the club was doing nothing wrong, and it would therefore stay open.

Councillor carl Marshall for Stanley stated "After the meeting with the planning department, licensing and police we've realised at the minute there are no breaches of licensing or planning.

"The premises are monitored closely and any breaches in legislation will be acted upon immediately."

It seems like rather a good club actually. There is a sex dungeon, pole dancing, a steam room and a sauna. However, like all swingers clubs, all acts take place between consenting adults, so no harm is being done.

Councillor Marshall added: "I'm satisfied that there's no risk at all to the public.

"But personally I'm very disappointed that the premises which allows this type of activity can't be more tightly regulated by the council but that's where we are because of the national legislation.

"I feel it's very distasteful for this type of activity to be taking place so close to the school and in a built up area."

Liscencing manager at Durham council Craig Rudman agrees that the club should stay open.

"We have been liaising with colleagues from partner organisations in connection with this matter. We are currently unaware of any unlawful or licensable activities taking place or proposed to occur at these premises.

"We will however continue to monitor the situation and should we receive evidence to the contrary the appropriate course of action will be taken."

A Victory For Common Sense

This seems like a real victory for common sense. It is completely irrelevant that the swingers club is next to a school. Swinger doesn't equate to child molester, no matter what the ignorant may think.

What goes on behind closed doors is up to those who engage in it. Obviously if the swingers started to get down and dirty outside, in front of the kids, there would be an issue there. However, that won't happen as swingers are not A) perverts or B) idiots.

Many non-swingers just don't like swingers clubs because they are morally against swinging. It is good then, that we live in a free society where people can make their choices over what they do in life. People are entitled not to like swinging, but if they want to start closing swinging clubs down because they 'don't like them', they can go take a running jump as far as I'm concerned.

We hope all the swingers in Stanley have fun now any threat of closure has gone away. If the club is as good as is reported, I may pay it a visit when I am up that way next.