Swingers Club Comes To Mayo!

Date 26th Jun 2014 | Views  1727

Swingers in Mayo are in for a treat next month, as Killing Kittens are intending to hold a swingers party at a, for now, secret location.

A flyer for the event states it will take place at a "secret location" in Co Mayo on July 26th.

Apparently the meeting is for single women and couples only, so you single male swingers out there will sadly have to give this one a miss!

Prices and Dress Code

Those wishing to attend need to be aware it won't be cheap

Couples will have to cough up €200 should they wish to attend, whilst single women will have to pay €70.

Guests will also be required to wear evening attire and a mask upon arriving at the party.

Very Popular

Killing Kittens is an extremely popular organisation, and claims to have over 3,000 Irish swingers on the books. To be fair they have gained a good reputation, though I have to admit, I have never visited one of their parties so can't give any first hand information.

Emma Sayle, who is the founder of the club, appeared on the Late Late Show last month and spoke of her plans to extend the operation into Ireland.

She claimed that the club had two parties in Dublin last year and 50 people attended each event.

So if you are going let us know how it is. We will certainly be very interested to hear any of your stories.