Swingers Club Declared a Church

Date 23rd Apr 2015 | Views  848

It has to be said; many areas are not to keen on having swingers clubs as part of their social make up. In Britain and Ireland, this is usually a case of local residents bitching about the establishments, thinking it is full of sex offenders, and moaning about their house price going down (though there is rarely any evidence that this is actually the case) However, local councils never usually get involved, as they are less ignorant on the goings on at swingers clubs, and realise there is no harm in them at all.

Innovative Thinking

In America, councils have a tendency to be a bit harsher. Many decide to stop planning applications for the clubs on moralistic grounds. This means that applicants have to sometimes be a little smart with how they word things. However, I have never seen anything quite this smart.

For months, developers have tried to get a swingers club opened on an empty building next to Goodpasture Christian School in downtown Nashville. However, planning permission was not granted. Still, the developers came back, have stated that it is now a 'church', and low and behold, planning permission has been granted.

Goodpasture's president says the plans are identical, but a room once labeled "the dungeon" is labeled a "choir room" and a former "game room" is now a "fellowship hall."

The swingers club will have to prove that worship actually does take place there for this plan to work. It does get me wondering whether there will be one room with a priest speaking to members of his or her flock, whilst the noises of loud, enjoyable sex can be heard from elsewhere in the building? I would pay good money to see that, actually.

Local news team WTVF has seen the documentation of the proposal, which states that then group, "Freedom for All, Inc" plans to renovate the building to a church called the United Fellowship Center. However, a Google search for the centre takes you to the swingers website.


A Farcical Situation

To be fair, you have to give the developers some credit. This is truly thinking outside the box. How long they will be able to get away with it, God only knows. Actually, if God does know, they may well be able to ask him if there is a priest on site.

In the end, this just goes to show how ridiculous the campaign against swinging is in some parts of the world actually is. Swingers do no harm to society, and what goes on in the establishments is fun, and all consensual. If the council had just accepted the application in its original form, there wouldn't have been any of this kind of nonsense.

Still, if they were more sensible, there wouldn't be any need for a story as funny as this.

God bless the good ol' U S of A!