U.S Swingers Club Fights to Stay Open!

Date 30th Jan 2015 | Views  843

Here at Swingers.ie, we are well aware that many people in the world think that our swinging lifestyle is a bit dodgy. Despite the fact that everyone is getting up to a consensual act, some sections of society want to start moralising on the subject. This is why this story coming out of America is actually quite disconcerting.

The operators of a swinging club in upscale Arlington have claimed they will try and stop their swingers club getting shut down.

A Letter Of Intent

Arlington officials sent the owners of the house a letter telling them to shut down immediately, accusing them of illegally operating a home-based business.

The site is advertised as 'Eutopia' and has apparently had up to 60 themed sex parties, sometimes with up to 200 guests.

Apparently the city council got involved when local resident started complaining that there were sometimes up to 70 cars parked outside the residence.

"The city staff from multiple departments started doing some review and investigation and determined recently that we believe they are running a business out of that single-family home," Deputy City Manager Jim Parajon said Thursday.

"It is a commercial enterprise. It's about the use of the property, not the morality of it. It's simply a land-use issue."

A Denial

However, David Esopenko denies that it is a home based, sexually orientated business.
"We have no employees. We do not ask for a membership. We have like-minded friends over to hang out at our property," Esopenko said.

"This is intimidation by the city thinking we'll go, 'Oh, my, we're embarrassed.' We are not embarrassed about what we are doing. We're not the Cherry Pit."

It appears the Cherry Pit was a swingers club in a local neighbourhood. It seems he is claiming that these are just parties.

Whilst the case rumbles on, David is going to hold a pre-superbowl party tomorrow.
To help them get to know each other, party guests are offered coloured wristbands to state their sexual interests to other partygoers. However, just like swingers clubs in Ireland, people will be "talking about kids, drinking wine and dancing to '80s videos," Esopenko said.

"It happens to be geared toward people who are more open with their lifestyles than others. It doesn't mean people show up and get nude and get in a pile together. That is not what is happening."

The club's suggested donation for participants is $80 for a couple, $20 for single women and $80 for single men who arrive with a couple. Esopenko said that guests are invited to leave donations, which help cover food and drinks, in a box and that no money ever changes hands.

"The average person that comes is a nurse, teacher, fireman, policeman, judge, former Arlington city councilman. These are people who don't like to go to normal clubs to hang out because they are too dark, too loud," Esopenko said.

However, although this all seems pretty sensible, local residents aren't impressed at all.

Residents Annoyed

Residents began complaining to the city after the lawn was paved to allow dozens of vehicles to be parked. Councilman Charlie Parker said he has attended at least a half-dozen meetings with residents and city department officials since over the last few months regarding the house.

"This is unacceptable having this type of activity in our neighborhoods," Parker said. "Homeowners' rights are one thing, but paving your entire lot is something else. That is not normal for a residence to have."

Wow,! Talk about using obscure legislation to get your way. It seems they can't attack the club over the swinging that is taking place there, so instead come up with some bullshit argument about paving.

Here at Swingers.ie, we would like to wish Mr Esposenko all the best in his fight. Why people can't have a 'live and let live' attitude is beyond me. As long as everything that is happening is consensual, what is the bloody problem?

It truly is a sad state off affairs.