Leeds Swingers Club Given Go Ahead

Date 16th Sep 2016 | Views  480

One thing I have noticed in recent years is the fact that Swinging is becoming more widely accepted. I remember when I started swinging 20 years ago, we were all seen as a bunch of perverts who were probably going to attack children on our way to swingers clubs. More recently however, swinging is spoken about more freely, and clubs are being opened at a healthy rate, and can be open about what they do.

Let's take a trip across the water to Leeds, where despite complaints from some local councillors and locals, a new swingers club has been authorised.

Well, Leeds City Council approved the application. It will see the club open in what is now a warehouse and former retail area in Ledgard Way, Armley.

Adult Fun

As with most swingers clubs, the application said it will offer "discreet, clean, safe and controlled environment for like-minded adults to meet and potentially engage in legal sexual activities within the private rooms provided".

Now obviously you will have some moaning gits, and this time it was local councillor Alison Lowe, who had said before the meeting that locals were 'up in arms' about the proposals.

Appealing to the council, Councillor Lowe said: "Without even commenting on the nature of the proposed business, which is abhorrent, this application will lead to hundreds of cars visiting this site day and night causing noise, nuisance and pollution for my constituents."

"Residents are up in arms about this application and are seriously worried about the impact on their community of having people arriving to engage in sexual activity in what can only be called a legal brothel," the councillor continued,

"This venue is part of the gateway into Armley and such an establishment would reduce the impact of the £1 million investment in Mike 's Carpets that took 20 years to realise.

"The venue is also only a few hundred yards away from Armley Mills Museum which thousands of families visit.

"Armley's heritage is at risk if this application is agreed."

The Future of Swinging

I think everything it made very clear in the first paragraph where she described swinging as 'abhorrent'. I could ask what makes people having fun in a consensual manner abhorrent, but who cares, she lost!

The council ignored her and actually saw what swingers clubs are; harmless fun!

This is happening more and more these days. Who knows what advances will be made in the acceptance of swingers over the next 20 years? Obviously it will always be a niche interest, but I really see the day where most people just walk past a swingers club and see it just another local business and not really of any interest.

That will be a good day, and it is surely coming!