Swingers Clubs v Private Parties

Date 1st Jul 2016 | Views  608

When it comes to swinging, everyone has different places that they like to go. Some enjoy private parties, while others like to visit swingers clubs and get to know people in this environment. The problem is trying to figure out which is better for you and your partner, as there are differences between the two.

Here on Swingers we take a look at the key differences between swingers clubs and private parties, so that you can figure out which you would prefer the most.


If you were to visit one of the local swingers clubs near you, you would find that the rules are pretty clear. In fact, a large number of swingers clubs have the rules on their websites, so that you know exactly what to expect before you turn up.

Each club has different rules. Some say that you have to be naked if you are in the playrooms, while others are a little more relaxed. Some will not allow single people to enter, while others are totally at ease with this. You might find that the club you visit prefers you to keep the play for the private areas, while others you may have visited have it out in the open. Either way, the rules of each club are pretty clear before you even get there.

With private parties, however, it is a little different. You won't always know the rules, especially if you are not a regular to the events or know the hosts well enough. This means that you will instead by taking your cues from the others at the party, or asking the host for a little clarification on the rules.

There are a number of general rules set up that you can follow, but it isn't always as clear cut. Because the environment at private parties is a little more casual than at swingers clubs, you'll find that confusion over the rules can happen, which can ruin your fun.

The people you meet

While some swingers clubs allow it, a large majority aren't too keen on single males attending. This is because of the sheer number they would get, and so people usually attend in pairs. Some might choose to circumvent this rule by inviting a female partner to be their ticket in, but the community doesn't look too favourably on this.

Private parties work a little differently. Instead, you'll find a wide variety of people, including a number of singles. These single people are ones known to the host, and so they are trusted. They will be there because they are serious about joining the swinging community. However, you will find that there aren't as many chances to meet newcomers.

Swingers clubs tend to be more open to newcomers, while private parties are often held by those who know others in the community well. They will know other swinging couples, and so you'll find that the parties simply give you a chance to meet others you know a lot better.

The location

This might seem a lot like stating the obvious, but the locations are different for private events and at a swinging club. The club itself has been set up specifically for the purpose of swinging. There will be a bar for you to get drinks and enjoy yourself, as well as areas to sit and simply talk to other swingers.

In room off from the bar, you'll find beds for you to have your fun on. It is all carefully arranged so that there are plenty of private places for you to go and have your fun.

Of course, swinging parties work differently. They are private, and so are often held in someone's home. The home might be quite small, limiting where you can go, and there might even be rooms off limits to guests.

This can limit your fun further, but you might also find that being in a private environment makes you feel more comfortable. It will be an invitation only event, and the chances are that you will know those in attendance. This can really help you settle in to things with ease.


Swingers clubs have set opening hours. You'll be able to tell, simply by looking on their website, when it is that they are opening. They might also decide to have special events throughout the years, such as ladies' nights or couples only nights, to try and encourage newcomers in.

Private parties can be held at any time, but they often aren't very regular. A couple of times a year seems to be how regular the majority of swinging parties get, and so that can mean that you are left waiting for the next invitation.

The regularity of the clubs is a huge advantage for them, but often people struggle to make time for swinging. That is why private events can work well, especially if you are close to the host. You can help them with planning, and because you will be informed about it so far in advance, you'll be able to arrange your schedule to suit the occasion.

Swingers clubs or private parties?

It can often be difficult to figure out which event is going to be right for you. Some couples decide that, to start with, they will go to the clubs. This gives them a chance to network and get to know others, and the closeness of the community can then lead to private events.

However, if you are not known in the swinging community, getting an invitation to a party can be difficult. So, if you are hoping to attend a party because you feel like it is more suited to you, you are best attending a few clubs first and making yourself known to the couples there.

One thing that you will find both events have in common is that the community is very welcoming to those who abide by the rules and treat others with respect. If you do this, you are much more likely to receive those private invitations that you have been waiting for!

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