Swingers Terminology You Need To Know!

Date 30th Sep 2016 | Views  501

Whether you are new to the world of swinging or you have been a part of the community for many years, you'll know that there are key words and phrases used a lot. Sometimes, you'll instantly know what is meant when the words are used... but other times you are in the dark.

It can be handy to have a a list of the terms to help you figure out what they mean, which is why here on Swingers.ie we have put together a brief glossary of words and terminology commonly used among the swinging community.


The word lifestyle is often used to refer to swingers. Those living the lifestyle are generally open minded, especially sexually, and so many say that they love the lifestyle they lead as swingers. It is often used when you don't want to directly say "swinging", such as with non-swingers nearby who might judge or out in public.

Soft swing

Some people might love the idea of being a part of the lifestyle but not want to go too far. They might simply be testing the waters and seeing what works for them. When this happens, they might say that they are seeking a soft swing or a soft swap. This can mean different things to different people, so make sure you check with the other couple what it means for them. However, most people tend to accept that it means no intercourse. So you can kiss, you can enjoy oral sex, but anything beyond that is limited.

Full swing

This is, quite simply, swinging without the limitations. While soft swap means holding back from intercourse, a full swap or full swing gives you the chance to go for it. It is really a total swap, so you get the chance to experience a huge range of different things.

On premises

Sometimes referred to as an on-site club, places that allow on premises play are able to accommodate the lifestyle needs. This means that there will be an area for you to sit and talk and get to know other swingers, as well as play areas. These areas might be set away from the main room, but everything you need to swing will be there. Condoms, lube, toys... everything will be ready for you.

Off premises

However, if somewhere declares that it is off premises, this means that they do not have the facilities to allow swinging on site. It could simply be that they don't have the room, or that this is merely a meet and greet place. Whatever the reason, you will not be able to enjoy the lifestyle here. So, if you are visiting a place that says it is off premises, you might want to plan ahead and sort out a place you can go to swing, just in case you meet some people you want to get to know more intimately.


Vanilla is often used to refer to those who like to keep things simple and plain. A lot of the time in the swinging community, it is used to refer to those who do not swing, who would rather not have anything to do with the lifestyle.


This is a word that you will come across a lot in the swinging community. A unicorn is a magical creature, a fictional one that many believe would be truly rare to find. When it comes to swinging, the word unicorn is used to refer to a single woman looking to swing. Finding a single female when swinging is rare, but they seem to be highly sought after for those seeking a threesome.

Got some other words you think those new to the lifestyle need to be aware of? Why not join in the discussion on the forum and see what others have suggested.