Swingers Turning Up To Wrong House!

Date 10th May 2015 | Views  811

In one of the more amusing swingers stories I have heard in a while, couples looking for a swingers club at a farmhouse in Scotland are turning up at the wrong houses.

These horny couples are actually looking for Caldercuit Farm where group sex takes place. However, in this part of the world, houses all look the same, so mistakes are likely to occur, and often do!

Now the organisers are begging visitors to get it right, after a series of complaints.

A Thriving Establishment

The million pound farm was bought by Caledonian Property Estates back in 2010, and is regarded as one of the best swingers clubs in Scotland. However, for obvious reasons, it isn't as popular with the neighbours. I can just imagine them having their dinner, and a load swingers rock up asking if this is a swingers club.

'No mate, I'm just having dinner with my family, now piss off'.

Caroline Bulmer, 51, who was an ex Bank of Scotland manager, gave up her job to the the events.

Nothing like having a change of career is there? Her new life certainly seems more interesting than her old one.

Admission to this establishment is free to women and couples, but single guys have to pay a £20 fee, and also have to provide identification.

This doesn't seem to be putting anyone off, as sources say that 100 men a night turn up looking for action (after visiting the neighbours of course!)

Visitors are openly encouraged to bring alcohol, and can also make use of a sex dungeon.

One neighbour said: "It's frustrating when folk turn up looking for a good time and end up asking for directions."

Be Careful

Well, what can you say? Be careful when you turn up to swingers events when it comes to visiting the right establishment. It can be embarrassing for you, as well as those whose evenings you are ruining!