Swinging and Solving Erectile Problems

Date 17th Sep 2014 | Views  1341

I was sat having a drink with another male swinger last week after a rather fun party. We were having a chat about how we started swinging and what our first experiences were like. I was rather shocked when he started telling me that for a while, he suffered from problems with his erection when he attended swingers parties.

Thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. When you first go swinging, you are going to be nervous. You are there for sex, so you had better be on form. When there is that kind of pressure, it is obvious that for some guys, things are going to go wrong.

A Nervous Issue

Now I could go on a big advice monologue about how to stop erectile dysfunction, but to be fair, when it comes to this kind of scenario, I don't think it is needed. This is an issue with nerves, and not a medical problem.

The way to deal with this is to get yourself mentality right before you enter the swinging world.

Before getting involved in anything, you have to remember swinging is about meeting new people and having fun. As soon as you start thinking 'sex,sex,sex', then your heart rate will go up, and you may start to panic. You should just enter the night and see what happens. If you don't get laid, then so be it. If you meet someone, then great. But always try and do this with a smile on your face.

Swinging, Not Prostitution

A swingers party is not a brothel. You are not going to be walking through the door and immediately start having sex with someone who is waiting there for you. This is a party, where during it you may meet someone you have a connection with and take it further.

If you see your swingers parties like this, then you will be more relaxed and able to enjoy the occasion, without your little friend having a panic.

Now obviously, if it continues you need to see a doctor. There may be an underlying problem that needs to be looked at. However, if you are only suffering from erectile dysfunction during swingers parties, swinging may not be the thing for you. If you can't alleviate the pressure before you meet anyone, it isn't ever really going to be much for fun for anyone, including yourself.

Swinging is meant to be fun so try and keep it that way. Relaxation is the key. As long as you remember that and are able to act on it, you should be fine!