Swinging Doctor Busted by Undercover Cops!

Date 20th Mar 2015 | Views  891

We all know that swinging can be a lot of fun. Let's face it; we wouldn't be on this website if we didn't. The ability to have sex with other people outside our traditional relationships, yet not allowing our lives at home to be damaged is an amazing thing that makes our lives more fulfilled. However, there are some people out there who really know how to mess it up.

The Bad Doctor

Take this couple from Las Vegas. Top Doctor Andrew Martin, 47, and his wife have been busted by the authorities after they were caught swinging by a pair of undercover cops who posed as fellow swingers.

Martin is now facing 10 drugs charges. His wife, who was charged alongside six other men with one count, has pleaded guilty to her particular offence.

It appears that officers in Vegas have been off to Doctor Martin for months. The hard-partying Doc has been hosting parties such as ''Frost and Furs', 'Neon Kitties' and 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

The undercover police apparently got an invitation after setting up a fake account on a swingers website.

Drugs May be the Problem

Now I have spoken to a lot of swingers, and many of them feel that this was an attack on swinging in general. They believe that the police don't like swinging, and have therefore gone on a 'fishing trip', to see what they kind find at this sex party.

However, I like to think of it a little differently. I suspect the drugs are actually the main issue here. I am going to throw this one out there, but I suspect he was running these parties, and selling coke on the side to the guests. Bad move!

This is Vegas. I doubt they would care about anyone going swinging. But they will care about people selling drugs.

This is why, in Ireland, swingers clubs stick well clear of drugs. Not only are they illegal; if someone isn't in their right mind, how the hell are they supposed to be able to have real consent? It is a legal minefield.

I don't have to say this to any of our regular reader and more experienced swingers, but I will offer this advice to anyone who is starting on their swinging adventure. If you are having a swinging party at your house, don't think about getting the recreational drugs out. It isn't a good thing, and won't be received well by them. Also, if you get a rep for dealing drugs, then you never quite know who will turn up at your door.

Someone should have told Doc Martin that!