Swinging in Meath

Date 31st Jul 2013 | Views  1803

There are some couples that are married or otherwise, who have other couple friends. This often happens when the wives or girlfriends have been friends for years, then the husbands or boyfriends end up becoming friends after meeting each other through them. After many years of having each other over at each other's houses, going on double dates, and just hanging out with each other, these relationships can develop into something a little more, as is often seen in the Meath swinging scene.

Trading Partners

The double dating kind of partners who have known each other for years might start fantasizing about what it might be like to trade partners. The first person to realise this might decide to share their feelings with their partner. Once the people in these relationships start to be honest with each other, they might be able to decide what to do about their desires. This is sometimes what can lead the couples into becoming Meath swingers. They might decide to act on these feelings, but then chicken out right before going through with it because of possible jealousy and bad feelings. However, they might be able to go through with it, and decide that this is the kind of lifestyle that they would like to explore further.

Four Person Bed

Some people who decide to act upon their desires and experiment with each other's partners might not want to actually split up into different rooms. They might just want to join each other in the same bed. This way each of the guys can keep an eye on each other and what it is that they are going to be doing with their girlfriend/wife, and the girls can keep an eye on each other so that they too can see what their own partner is doing with the other girl. Doing this at the same time and in the same bed as their partner often helps a couple feel like they are more in control of the situation, which can make them enjoy the experience a little more. Many swingers in Meath start out this way.


There are some couples who are curious about the Meath swinging kind of lifestyle, and decide to experiment with a couple who they have been friends with for years. One way that they sometimes decide to experiment is by watching their friends being intimate, instead of choosing to swap partners or be Meath swingers. This has been known to help some couples sex-lives without actually going through the act of having a sexual relationship with the other couple's wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend. This can help some couples from going through unexpected jealousy while they are trying to decide if they would like to be a part of the swinging kind of lifestyle.


Some of these couples who are also friends might not want to trade partners or experiment in having a four person orgy. They might want to stick to threesomes. This would involve having one person from couple number one join couple number two in bed. This can be changed in anyway, and it can be rearranged so that each person of this four-person team is satisfied and happy.