Swinging Not Covered By First Amendment

Date 8th Oct 2015 | Views  596

In a blow to swingers in Beverly Hills, Connecticut, a US district court has decided that swingers parties are not protected by the First Amendment (the right to free speech and assembly)

A judge ruled that police did not violate free speech and privacy rules when they targeted a hotel that had become know in the local area for holding swingers meets.

In a lawsuit filed by the ex-owner of the Beverly Hills Suite Hotel in Windsor Locks, it was claimed the authorities went after his business because it was mostly attended by minorities.

However, it didn't take Judge Michael Shea long to throw that argument out.

When police raided 'Club 91' in 2008, they found swingers engaging in oral sex and having full intercourse at the bar.

Owner Sharok Jacobi, as well as a number of other people who managed Hot Couples Parties were arrested and charged with obscenity and public indecency.

Four years after his arrest, Jakobi filed the free speech lawsuit lawsuit against Windsor Locks and the police.

A Special Guest

The Judge eventually threw the case out, but not before it emerged that rapper Ludacris actually performed at a party there once!

Before issuing his ruling, Shea stated the Hot Couples parties were loud, fueled by alcohol, often violent and that kids in a cafe across the street from the hotel had once seen naked people.

Shea said "The First Amendment claim fails because the swingers activity documented in the record-namely participating in sexual encounters with others in the hotel's bar is not protected by the First Amendment.

"The swingers event involved no stage or performance and was not accompanied with any advocacy of a particular lifestyle.

"Thus it is not protected for the same reasons prostitution is not protected"

Though this particular swingers club was binned in 2008, that horny mentality seems to still be alive and well in Windsor Locks. It seems that that still have a huge section of their population on Ashley Madison! I don't know what is in the drinking water over there, but they need to pack some of it off over to Ireland!