Swingers v Dogging - Which is Better?

Date 4th Mar 2016 | Views  663

People often talk about which is better: swinging or dogging. While there are a lot of similarities between them, they are still quite different. Plenty of people might enjoy dogging but not like swinging and vice versa.

Here on Swingers we take a look at the best parts of each so that you can decide which is better fun for you! Got something you want to add? The comment box below is a great way to share your thoughts.

Great for exhibitionists!

With dogging, you get to fuck somewhere new. Instead of being stuck in a bedroom or a hotel room, you take your car along to a dogging spot and shag there.

It is great for exhibitionists, as the outdoor sex is a huge turn on. You also get others watching you, and the beauty of dogging is that no-one has to join in if you don't want them to.

Doggers don't always fuck each other. Sometimes they do, and they really enjoy it, but sometimes, you might not be ready for that. You might like the idea of being watched having sex, but having a stranger join in is too much for you.

The rules when you dog mean that you can have sex in the car and others can watch you, if you're comfortable with it. If you don't want them joining you, you simply tell them that. Most people out there hoping for some fun will ask first, even if your window is open. It's just polite, so if you aren't interested, say "thank you, but we're okay on our own for now" and leave it at that. That's all you need to say and shows why dogging is a great community to get involved in.

Discreet fun with friends

Being a dogger isn't for everyone. You might like the idea of having sex with others, but doing it in a public space where you can be caught is too risky for you. That is why some people prefer to go swinging instead.

Some swingers go to swingers clubs, but others might go on a forum, make friends with some swingers, and then arrange to meet up at their place for some fun. Because you aren't out in public fucking, it is much more discreet, and you don't have to worry about your fun being interrupted by those who haven't been invited to join or the police showing up to move you along.

You can let your hair down a bit more and have some discreet fun with friends when swinging, and the fact that you are in the comfort of your own, or someone else's, home means that you can take your time exploring.

Great locations

With both swinging and dogging, you get to spend time in some great locations. The world is your oyster, and there are plenty of great locations for sex.

When you are looking for other doggers, forums have a lot of information about the best spots. You can find some private areas tucked away from main roads, which means your fun stays pretty much uninterrupted.

With swingers, you can meet up at their place, or at a hotel, but many choose to go to swingers clubs. It is like dogging, but you are inside as you get to meet tons of different people to have fun with.

Learning about your turn ons and turn offs

Exploring your sexuality through exhibitionism like this is a fantastic way to learn more about your turn ons and turn offs. You might find that the idea of others watching you isn't that exciting, but when it is happening you start to get more and more turned on by it.

Some of us get jealous, but when it comes to swinging and dogging, you find that it is actually very exciting to see your partner fucking or being fucked by others. Seeing their kneel down to give a guy head, or watching them spread their legs so someone can get in close, is really exciting.

However, you might also learn that some things don't turn you on. You might find that some things, like oral sex, are acceptable, but actual sex is off the table. You learn more about your turn ons and turn offs here.

Spice up your sex life!

Hoping to spice up your sex life? This is the way to do it. You don't need to get the Kama Sutra out or buy the latest toys, not when you can simply have others watching you fuck and get some of them to join in.

The excitement you feel of being watched is a huge turn on, and because you and your partner are usually very comfortable with each other and your sexuality, you can actually use the sexual desire of your partner against them in some way. If you know that she cannot hold back when someone licks her clit, sneak in there while she's giving a guy head and watch what happens.

If you have jealousy issues, swinging is a great way to get over it. You get to have a purely sexual connection with strangers, meaning that emotion doesn't come into it. It is just sex, and that is foten easier to handle than an affair.

Swinging vs. dogging

Which do you prefer? Are you a firm swinger, or are you tempted to go out and meet up with some doggers for a little bit of fun? Do you enjoy both?

We want to hear from you. Use the comment box below to tell us what you think, or join in the discussion on the forum.

What are your favourite parts about swinging and dogging? Are you a bit of an exhibitionist, or do you simply love the idea of having sex with complete strangers while your partner watches on? Tell us your biggest turn ons and turn offs about them both and see if others agree with you.