The Awesome Swinging Festival

Date 8th Jul 2015 | Views  1004

I made the mistake this year of tuning in to watch Glastonbury, and lets me tell you something, it won't be happening again. I don't know what was more depressing, the raving shitfest that was Kanye West, or watching Lionel Ritchie attempt to sing when his voice was destroyed 15 years ago. When I went back in 97, I got to watch Radiohead and the Prodigy. Things have gone really downhill.

However, it seems that I have found a festival that is right up my alley. Swingfields 2015 took place in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, and saw swingers from all over the UK travel to the small village.

With teepees, Portaloos and a double decker bus bar, it looked just like a more mainstream festival. This place however had swingers, which obviously makes it so much better.

The 500 revellers each wore a wristband to denote sexual preference.

The three day event had live music, sex toy stalls and hot tubs. It really does seem like my version of heaven. There was a limit on the number of single men allowed to attend, just in case the place turned into a sausage fest.

Visitors were informed that there was to be a strict 'bottom half covered' dress code in the festival area, though I do wonder how well that was adhered to.

Not Cheap

Another thing it had in common with other major festivals was the rather expensive nature of it. Three day passes cost £165 so it is hardly cheap. Still, it is going to have been money well spent.

However, it seems like some local residents aren't too happy with the goings on.

"When we saw a banner with the words '3 is the magic number' and a variety of interesting images we knew this wasn't just your usual music festival." Another said: "This is taking it too far. It's just wrong on a moralistic ground." A third blasted the event as "just repulsive".

Oh come on folks, get a sense of humour!

It has to be said, I think these kind of events are great. It is all organised, safe, and away from the glare of members of the public. It takes a special kind of moaning git to start complaining about stuff they can't see and that is all consensual. I would hazard a guess they should probably get a life.

As the event was only given a location 48 hours prior to the start, then we don't know where they plan to hold it next year. We will of course let you know as soon as we do!