The Best Places to Go Dogging!

Date 25th Mar 2016 | Views  948

So, you're a horny dogger that wants to experience the thrill of fucking strangers in the middle of a public space, but you don't know where to go or where to look. It can be difficult for any wild exhibitionist to know which areas are common places to visit and fuck, due to the fact that these areas are known by word of mouth, or publicised on saucy websites.

However, if you're finding it impossible to discover a known dogging area that you can go to, why not create one of your own? Of course, you'd have to be a bit careful on which places you'd want to brand as a sex spot because certain legal authorities that don't allow you to fuck like a free spirit. But you should learn about what kind of areas are the best dogging places by continuing to read this article!

Go and spread your legs on a big, grassy field!

I've had a couple of experiences in my life where I was really passionate with a previous partner on a grassy field one night, where we've suddenly turned that innocent green space into a hot sex pen. Yeah, I was a wild lady then…I'm still a wild lady now! Country parks are not common dogging areas, unless they're ones that people very rarely go to; this is for the reason that they can get caught by policemen or other people who aren't into watching other people cumming in public places.

However, country parks are perfect for giving doggers an open zone for kinky girls to spread their legs and invite horny guys into their 'personal' space! In addition, grass is comfortable enough for kinky exhibitionists to lay their bodies down on, so you wouldn't have to bring pillows or blankets with you when you're thinking about entering a hot dogging country park!

Headlights and hot sex!

Whenever I think of having a fun fuck session at a car park, I always imagine that the area would have a magnificent view of a cityscape where you can see the stars and the moon on a clear night; a great place for doggers that like a little bit of romance in their sex sessions! Car parks are considered to be one of the best dogging places for you to get freaky in, due to the fact that if you travel to a parking area by car, you can leave your headlights on to attract other naughty exhibitionists to watch or join you.

Imagine being in a vast, abandoned car park and you're horny as hell. You spot a car in the middle of the area and the lights are left one. You also notice that the passenger door is open, where you see two feminine, sexy legs hanging out which makes your trousers feel tighter than before.

Then, you manage to see the face of a dazzling, female dogger who's giving you enticing looks. From then, you proceed to walk over and place yourself in between her sexy thighs; that's why car parks are classed as one of the best places to go dogging!

Let's go and 'watch a movie'

There has always been something sexy about making out in the back seats of a cinema screen. I remember a time in my life where all of the people that I used to hang out with were couples and they always wanted to go to the seats that were furthest away from the screen.

If you wanted to know why, well, take a wild guess. If you would prefer me to say it, well, they wanted to touch, caress, lick and suck each other in a dark corner while the movie plays throughout the whole fuck session.
Cinema halls are fantastic dogging areas because these kinds of venues provide exhibitionists with secluded yet enticing atmosphere. The film and the sound would provide the perfect distraction for others to not notice what the naughty exhibitionists would be doing, but a little bit of light from a screen can provide the right amount of illumination for any other doggers to notice and encounter them!

Choosing the dogging place that's right for you!

There may be other kinds of locations where you can set up a sexy rendezvous and get kinky with strangers, but these are the best and the safest areas that you can visit and have a naughty dogging session in. Therefore, why don't you see if there's a country park that is left untouched, a car park that hasn't been used in a while, or a large cinema hall where it's big and dark enough for you and a couple of other hot girls to get naughty in?