The Danger of Mixing Alcohol With Swinging!

Date 8th Apr 2016 | Views  575

Swinging can be considered one of the aspects of the sexual revolution that hit us in the recent decades. Known also as wife swapping, it actually describes more sexual activities than swapping wives.

But if you are thinking about becoming part of the swingers' community you probably already know that there are people who are into soft swinging while others just like going all in. In addition, no matter what they are into, all swingers have well-established boundaries before they engage in sexy activities.

Besides establishing boundaries with your partner, swinging also has rules meant to protect all people involved. A very important "unwritten rule" is about getting drunk and engaging in unwanted activities, as well as disturbing people around you.

Please Don't Drink and Swing!

One of the reasons why you should not drink until you get drunk is represented by boundaries. You don't need to be violent or stupid when you are drunk, and start forgetting all about the boundaries you and your partner talked about.

If you think about it, when you are intoxicated you might want to do things the sober you wouldn't. You don't have to be a magician to transform alcohol into regret. So, why risk your relationship for a couple of glasses of alcohol?

Besides endangering your partner and your relationship, your drunken version might also disturb the other people. Even if you know that you must always ask for the couple's permission to participate, when your brain is drowned in alcohol you can forget everything. Though you might disagree, sometimes alcohol can make you a very disagreeable person.

You all know that "no" means no, but too much alcohol can make you think that "no" might mean maybe so you start insisting where there is no room for that. Some understand drunken people, but we all have our limits. What I am trying to say is that when there is too much alcohol involved, there is also a fine line between disagreement and fight.

Swinging Is Its Own Pleasure, Don't Dilute It!

Most swinging activities are organized and all big cities have at least one club especially created for this purpose. Of course, not all people like going to swingers' clubs, so, they choose to meet people through Internet sites, lifestyle magazines or house parties.

The swingers' clubs don't serve alcohol, so people who go should bring their own. So, alcohol is definitely not prohibited when swinging, but going over the top is! Now, a little bit of wine might make your inhibition disappear, so it's perfectly fine to sip a bit!

But if you have too much, your common sense might fly away with those inhibitions. So, you should stop. If you are in a swingers' club and the staff see you drank too much, you will not be served anymore, even if that is the alcohol you brought. And if you disagree with their action, you will be asked to leave.

Keep Calm and Have a Glass of Fine Wine!

Now, if you are a newbie and you really want to participate in a swinging activity but your timidity steps in, I advise you to start by being a soft swinger. This doesn't involve intercourse, so it's going to be easier for you and your partner. In addition, alcohol can be a friend. As I said before a little bit of alcohol can help you get rid of your inhibition and make everything smoother for everybody.

However, it is understandable why getting drunk and swinging is definitely a bad idea, not only for the drunken ones and their partners, but also for the rest of swingers. Also, this whole thing is its own pleasure, so why dilute it with too much alcohol or other substances? There is no point for doing that, is there?