The Difference Between Soft and Full Swinging

Date 11th Dec 2015 | Views  805

In the swinging community there is one question that you will probably find being asked more than any other, and that is whether you are into soft swinging or full swinging. It is asked whenever you come across some new potential partners to try and figure out if they are the right couple for you to meet up with, but many don't quite seem to understand that swinging isn't as simple as people seem to assume that it is.

If you were to ask the average person what swinging is, they'd basically describe it as being wife swap with lots of sex. You'd get to fuck someone else's partner and then swap back again. That isn't what it is, and there are limits to the things that are acceptable if you are interested in soft swinging or full swinging. Here on Swingers we take a look at the differences between full swing and soft swing so that you know where your limits are and just what to tell others when they ask which you are.

What is soft swinging?

Those new to swinging will be understandably confused about what soft swinging is. There are plenty of message boards and chat rooms for swingers to join to get tips, but many of them have the wrong information about what soft swinging actually is.

There is a common misconception that soft swinging, or a soft swap, means fucking in the same room as another couple but only having sex with your partner, or that soft swap is just for some kinky woman on woman action to give the men a great show to enjoy.

Soft swap might mean that to some people, but most of us consider soft swap to mean so much more. It isn't that you have a checklist of two things you can do to consider your swinging session soft swinging, but you in fact have a lot of choices and options open to you.

Basically, with soft swap you can do a huge number of things. You could choose to simply fondle and kiss the other couple you are with, or you might actually go as far as oral sex with them. The only thing that soft swap doesn't include is actual penetration with someone other than your partner.

What is full swinging?

As you might have guessed from the description of soft swinging, pretty much everything bar penetration is good, while full swinging is where you have full on penetrative sex with the other couple you partner up with.

It all depends on what you are interested in, but if you want to have sex with others without any limitations in the way, you should be talking to others about full swinging and seeking others like you who are interested in it.

Full swinging means that you can just let things happen naturally doing the session without feeling as though you are holding anything back. You can do the things that you want to instead of thinking "I can only go so far because they aren't into full swinging", which means you can simply enjoy your time together instead.

Of course, when you meet up with the couple you might find that there are still some limitations that they want to put in place to make everything goes the way they want it to. You might have your own limitations to discuss, but if you are all into the full swap, penetration with their partner isn't going to be off the menu.

The key differences

The biggest difference between full swap and soft swap is, of course, that penetration may or may not be allowed. The reason for this is that some couples just don't feel comfortable having sex with others, as they feel it is taking things a little too far for them.

Whenever you go swinging with a new couple, you'll take the time to sit down and discuss the different things that are and aren't okay. You will discuss before you meet and when you get there to make sure everything is clear.

The couple you meet might not be interested in kissing. It could be that they find the act of kissing too intimate, but penetrative sex is okay, while others couple might love nothing more than watching their partner kiss and play with another person but find the idea of penetration to be a turn off.

Of course there are some advantages to soft swap. The biggest one is that unwanted pregnancies won't happen, and you will also not find yourself getting jealous. That is why soft swap is perfect for beginners, while the seasoned swingers might prefer full swaps.

What works for you

There are plenty of couples who don't feel ready to go all of the way when it comes to swinging, so the simply question of "full swing or soft swing?" is a great way to explain your limits easily without making things feel a little bit uncomfortable by going into details.

Knowing whether you are into soft swing or full swing is a great way to set how far you will actually go before things kick off, but of course you can change your mind. Just be honest with the people you are swinging with and your partner if you have never tried full swap before to make sure things go as planned.

Of course, plenty of people prefer the full swap because they get to enjoy sex with someone else. It might seem like the obvious difference, but it might be just what you need to spice up your sex life and you are sure to pick up some new moves.

Are you more interested in the full swap, or are you a fan of the soft swap? Let us know how you feel by using the comment box below, or you could visit the Swingers forum and join in the discussion there.