The Fun of Watching Your Partner Fuck Someone Else

Date 11th Mar 2016 | Views  728

I'm acquainted with a guy that I know for many years now and he always asks me weird but interesting questions that related to fetishism and sex.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked me a variety of questions like:

'How many people have you been with in your lifetime?'

'What kind of men have you slept with?'

'What was the craziest thing that you have done with a partner?'

But there was one question that he couldn't stop asking me, which is:

'If I ask you to be my girlfriend, would you still like to sleep with other people?'

I remember replying back with other questions such as:

'You mean with other girls? Like threesomes?'

'No, with other guys; I'm not interested in other girls. I'm not really thinking about having threesomes; I just want to watch you fuck other men.'

You're watching live porn and your partner is the leading star!

Now, I'm a voyeurist and an exhibitionist. I like it when I spot a naked guy in an apartment block opposite me and I love it when I watch myself being ravaged by another guy in front of a large mirror. Nevertheless, I have never pondered about the fascination of being fucked by another guy while a partner would watch me, or the enthrallment of watching my partner have sex another girl.

Some of you may think that the guy who was asking the questions would be classed a cuckold; a man who doesn't know how to fuck his wife or girlfriend, who would have to accept that she'd still go to bed with other guys. You have to thank urban dictionary for coming up with interesting definitions for extraordinary words!

However, if I were to form a relationship with the guy in question, I wouldn't mind experiencing, at least, one session where I would undress with another hot man in front of him. For many couples who watch each other having sex with other people, they normally experience a pinch of jealousy with a dash of arousal when they gaze at their life-long companions kissing, touching and caressing another man or woman.

Normally for first-timers, a lot of people tend to realise that jealousy can be seen as a turn-on for them. I guess the other person who is watching their partner getting sucked and fucked gets an interesting view at what that partner looks like when having sex. In addition, you can say it's like watching a sex scene from a movie on the television and your companion is playing the leading role.

If I were to imagine what a session would be like, where my 'potential' partner would observe me having sex with another sexy dude, I could only think that he would be feeling envious and aroused. I think he would feel the envy from me not sucking his cock, or letting him slide his fingers inside my moist pussy. He would feel the burning sensation of not receiving the sexual satisfaction that I would be giving to the other fuck-buddy, but he would also experience the provocation and excitement of getting a view of how I fuck. I guess he would ponder:

'Wow. Is that what she looks like when she fucks me? God, that's hot!'

If you want to put it quite bluntly, the guy would practically be watching live porn!

Does this mean that I have to be a swinger?

There are some clarifications that I need to point out, for those who are a bit confused. If you're observing your partner as he or she would get hot and dirty with another person, you don't have to class yourself as a swinger or a wife swapper.

Even though this is the kind of session that would be involved in swinging, you are not forced to follow that fetish. A person can watch his or her companion get kinky with another person on a regular basis or only once.

I remember watching an American reality TV show called 'Gigolos' that was set in the year 2000, where one episode showed a guy going to an appointment in which he gets paid to fuck a hot woman while her husband watches them. They didn't even recognize themselves as swingers.

Therefore, you don't have to pay for any admission fee to go into a swingers club in order to watch your lover get ravaged by another person. Sometimes, it could just be a friend of yours who is very promiscuous and you've told him or her what your voyeuristic fetish is, where you can say to him or her:

'Hey, I get so turned on at the thought of my lover fucking you on my bed, do you want to turn that fantasy into a reality?'

If you are interested in chatting to your life-long companion about the idea of watching him or her fuck another person, the best way to discuss it is through pillow talk. Maybe, after having passionate sex with him or her, you two can lie naked on the bed in each other's arms, while you start to bring up the notion of watching your partner getting under the bed sheets with another guy, or girl. Hey, it's good to try something at least once, isn't it?